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Wow it's a hot weekend!

Holy Moly it's HOT! I'm loving this moment of sun, it's lovely to sit out in and just get some heat onto the body. I went to the doctors on Thursday and she told me the chest muscle pain is just anxiety, it's still scary. I've had it for 3 weeks now and I am hoping it passes soon. Some times it takes my breath away and I have to take some deep breaths. She also told me if I was having heart trouble I would know but it's still scary!

Apart from that, enjoy this sunny weekend and maybe it will last all summer!

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Hey! The suns brilliant! Gets us up and about and keeping anxiety down! Its good to know the chest is just anxiety I've had the same you just need to learn to accept it it does go! Your docs right! Enjoy the sun and wish you all te best xx


Hello. It's been a hot weekend for us too! It does feel nice to be warmed by the sun. Enjoy your weekend.


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