When I am feeling anxious and start to feel panicky my memory goes completely blank

I am taking citalopram 10mg and don't really want to increase the dosage. I lose all sense of time,day and my surroundings, I can't remember anything. Usually this feeling lasts about 30minutes but once it has cleared I am fine. I worry so much about it being a kind of dementia. Is there anybody else that feels like this.

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  • HI Jenny x Try to not worry to much, I think with anxiety the mind can do marvellous things x When panic takes over its so easy to not give much thought to anything you just want to think about how you feel and how it stops x I have times when I to completely forget things x silly things but forgotten so easy x I think if its ever a concern to you then its always best to speak to your gp x Donver x

  • Thanks for that sometimes you can feel so alone x

  • I took citolpram 3 years ago and yes the first 2 weeks I had some very spaced out feelings like that. I went from 10mg-20mg and then after a week the side effects went and I felt like I wasn't taking anything. Came off them after 7 months, did fine for 3 years but have had a relapse, health anxiety.I do cbt and am now starting setraline as cant stop the constant body checking and I need to relax to get rid of pelvic pain (vicious cycle).x x

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply take care x

  • Yes.........I have been on e-citalopram for years, recently reduced to 10mg as a control dose, but when I,m good my Ego returns saying I,m alright so make the mistake of reducing meds then bang.....anx/dep returns...........when will I learn.

    I am now no longer in denial, I will probably always require to take these and ignore my Ego and just enjoy the contentment they give.

    I have read many posts of people not wanting to take meds, but they gave me my life back and I can only thank those researchers as what must it have been like to suffer 50 years ago when there was little help......

    As for memory, mine is a family joke, but I know it is not dementia, it is probably a side effect or even better my mind discarding what is not really important, the alternative for me before I took meds was to be on full alert...noticing,worring,analysing........I prefer how I am today..........GBless..x

  • Love your philosophy on memory loss it really gives me comfort thanks x

  • I too experience this pretty much on a daily basis. People typically view me as an intellectual/super nice guy..I've always been willing to talk to anyone about anything. However, when I'm experiencing these attacks/symptoms/alien feelings I don't feel like myself. I feel anti social and dumb. The brain fog effect seems to render me dull-witted and also tends to make me slur my words like I've been drinking. This began when I was in college however, I am unable to narrow it down to any particular event that triggered it. I have a wonderful girlfriend of 5 years who is understanding to a degree, but always insists on my finding help...well...I've tried, and it's not easy to get help with something that your own brain/emotions control. I'm new to this chat btw, and as you can tell, had no problem laying it all out there. I guess my whole point of this rant is that you're not alone. Sometimes when the symptoms are in full force I know it can feel like you're the only one with this ailment...try your best to just stop for a second, take some deep steadying breaths, and realize that you are NOT alone.


  • This is the first time I have posted thanks for your kind comments about not being alone it really helps

  • You are most welcome! =)

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