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feeling nervous and very anxious about new job start advice welcome :)

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HI everyone I am due to start a new job on Monday and I am very nervous and anxious about the position the role is a driver/ warehouse assistant I have driven for a job before but never worked in a ware house , I quite smoking cannabis 5 days ago could this have much to do with the way I am feeling ? I was wondering if there was anything I could take to help me relax and focus on going and finishing my first day back at work I have been out of work for 7 months any advice is welcome thanks everyone for taken the time to read my post :)

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Firstly Lay off the cannabis you don’t need it , drugs will be drugs no matter how harmless it may seem a plant , it will always have its negative ( E.G killing brain cells. ) I’m glad you’re trying to Quit hope you don’t Touch that stuff ever again . in regard to finding peace my psychologist recommended this APP called “insight timer” its dedicated to Offering Free Guided timed meditation sessions or Music you can choose from/or search a wide library of specially composed instrumentals that relax your brain waves and calm your overall self . I think you should download it from the Apple/google store and give it a try either by meditating or music whatever you fancy. hopefully it will have a impact on you and make you feel slightly more at ease. all the best and goodluck at the new job.

Try not to overthink it too much during the weekend, redirect those thoughts towards doing something else you enjoy, or go outside and get some exercise. *Everyone* feels nervous before a new job, and no one there expects you to 100% know everything on your first day. There can definitely be a spike in anxiety if you've been smoking every day or close to every day, but like Mary said above, it's really best to wean yourself off that as a coping mechanism for every day life. But feel good about finding a new job, that is a positive thing! All the best~

Jack, this is probably 100% normal for anyone who is starting a new job.

Don't give the feelings much thought. They are a dup for excitement actually. You feel the way you feel.

Get busy, getting yourself and your home ready for a good first week. Clothes pressed, food bought, lunches made etc. be the best employee they have ever seen.

Prepare to be successful.

On time ( early actually ) and ready to go with enthusiasm.

I couldn't sleep well last night sweating and nervous but since coming on and reading these comments it has relaxed me a little and reassured me , I am going to have everything well prepared today ready for tomorrow so I do not stress myself out anymore than needed , I am so appreciative that you folks took your time out of your days to give me some advice I really respect that thanks so much I will update tomorrow after my first day , bless you all you are all amazing people :)

Hi there, just seen this, I'm sorry I missed your start this morning, but am wishing you Good Luck anyway! You will be fine! Well done and stay off the weed. There are loads of free downloads and apps for relaxing and staying stress free, please try some! Keep on trucking and stay strong! Take care x

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