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Any advice? So low right now xx

I have a friend with anxiety I asked her how it affects her like what worrys her and she says 'school friends family' I get a bit annoyed why cant m worries be that simple, at 16 I should be worrying about that, I don't, I worry about dying, illnesses, going mad, embarrassing myself, I imagine something happening and what happens next everything's negative worst case scenarios, why do I have to worry about things like that why cant I just worry about who hates me and what I look just instead of everything else on top, so depressed right not thinking why me? Why does this keep happening? Is it just my anxiety or am I ill? Feel like I should go smoke another 20, I so angry at myself, can anyone please help ;(xx

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Hi, hope that you felt better. Anxiety is awful because once it grabs a hold of you, your thoughts just keep spiraling into a series of 'what ifs', and things that you might normally be capable of dealing with seem impossible to overcome.


Hi thankyou, went out for a bit so bit better, yeah thats it exactly I hate it :(xx


Hello Pink and nice to meet you

I'm so sorry to read that you are suffering terribly from anxiety

Is your GP supportive or will they refer you for some sort of


My 15yr old daughter suffers from social anxiety ... do you listen to music much? Do you have any fave groups? I know that music helps her and it's a great distraction which also helps me with my depression

Going out for a walk as you've done can also help

So much pressure on you youngsters but you are doing the right thing by sharing your anxieties here & keep sharing :)

Lesley x


Hi nice to meet you, thankyou, yeah i seen my gp and been referred and I also love music best way to escape! I think all these exams are just making it worse ATM but thankyou for advice much appreciated xx


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