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My health anxiety going through the roof!!

Hi,I'm 46 years old and last year was diagnosed with fibrocystic disease ,which is lumpy boobs and cysts ,as I found a lump and had all the tests ,I found another lump and went to see my gp,she said she would refer me to breast clinic again but waiting list is middle of June,and she can't say it's the same thing or something sinister,I suffer from health anxiety about cancer ,so iam crawling the walls with worry ,I feel so low ,and in a world of my own,I know I got the all clear 11 months ago but I still worry ,what if it's bad this time,don't think I can wait till june to find out,iam just so tired of worrying all the time in case I get cancer

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I am so sorry to here this van, sometimes we tie our selfs up so tight with our anxiety we can spin out of control, speak to a friend or family member it can help to ease ur tension and clear ur mind, loads of good people on here with good advice, sharing helps a lot xx


Thank you ,I know what you mean with spinning out of control,yes I talk to my husband he has been very patient with me ,as I knw I must be a nightmare sometimes ,and I have had therapy for a year but I still worry


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