Anxiety Support

Really hope I could help others as much as you have all helped me!

For a long time, I suffered from really bad anxiety, I would sit on the sofa all day every day too scared to go out, just sat in complete fear waitig for a pain so I could call an ambulance for a heart attack or something I was a nervous wreck i lost friends and thought I was a freak in my family and they never understood, then I found this site I could relate to people and talk to them and they knew what I meant, I felt like I wasn't alone, my thoughts were clearer and I could see it wasn't just me, now I got out with mates a lot, I'm back at school and in started to enjoy life again I have my moments when I freak out or have symptoms but it's getting better i think back and see how far I've came all thanks to people on this site! I no longer feel the need to self harm, smoke, etc. I feel more like me. I want to thank everyone who helped, any for any new members I want you to know your not alone we are all here you are not different and you will overcome this just stay strong an be positive life's to short for worries so enjoy it when you can as when your 90, you wouldn't want to look back on all the years wasted worrying! Feel free to message me for a chat if you need help and I'd give you reassurance just as I had! Thankyou everyone xxx

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Ah what a lovely post and Im so glad that things are going well for you.......

Luv Ker xx


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