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Just read up on something! Anybody give advice?


I've suffered from iron deficiency anemia for quite a while i started taking stuff for it and stopped started again today after I read this can cause anxiety! Meaning in May be the cause of my anxiety also aches and pains and a lot of other symptoms which is quite a relief have you heard about this? Does it sound right? Any advice appreciated xx

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I'm not too familiar with iron deficiencies, but I know there are lots of deficiencies that contribute to anxiety. For example I had a vitamin B-12 and D deficiency and found out that those contribute to mood. So now I regularly take vitamins and try to eat foods rich in those vitamins to assist. Been feeling better, but I've also been doing a lot of other stuff to help so it could be a combination of everything or the taking care myself. Not sure if this helps but hopefully you find out if your iron deficiency is contributing to your anxiety.

PinkCookie in reply to Petita

Thankyou for reply, I read symptoms of it knowing I have it and it said anxiety is one which was confusing but ill love to know the cause!xx

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