Anyone just feel sick/everything under the sun please give me advice or help

I keep feeling sick even mouth waters and everything I keep thinking the worse I have got what I think is a pulled marcel but I keep thinking it's my kidneys or liver it's like a knot or a bone like hard I am absolutely sick of this now my heads in bits may as well not be here I hate this and hate feeling like this keep thinking I am diabetic or kidney failing or brain tumor I am insane


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17 Replies

  • How is your relationship with your doctor, can you ask for help?

  • Your fine stop worrying to much remind me of me self but I'm learning to control it a say to your self I'm fit so I've got nowt to worry about take care listen to music take your mind of over thinking x

  • You sound as though your doing well today and everything you said in that post makes sense well done also seen the photo of your kids look very smart and little gents by the way where are you from x

  • Am feeling good thanks drago and ye look lovely don't they and we're isbwho from x

  • Isbwho what's that

  • Lol ment to say is who

  • You said were am from lol were you from x

  • What you been up to you ain't been on this Al day

  • I've been busy a friend of mine has just been found dead very sad so I am just chilling now done no work at all to day got things covered so I can have a break I'm from hemlington just up the road from you

  • You will drive your self insane believe me stop worrying your fine this is what anxiety does it try to rule you be strong and say m even stronger

  • Sorry I may b mistaken I though you said you'd only lived here for 3yrs

  • Youst to live there when I was a kid fkorentine court lol

  • I lived in 42florentine ct how strange

  • Lol really 29 me mam going back about twenty years now like ha ha I remember a man called dave the rave

  • You probably no me mam she's called irene

  • Irene what and who's Dave the rave

  • Some weird man he was I youst to torchering him lol ano sounds nasty now a was only a kid tho ha ha. And she called irene baker

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