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Hi I don't post often, but I always read and keep up with everyone. Does anxiety give anyone heartburn?


I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for past year. I thought I was getting better.had cbt and now on Pregablin, but now wondering if you can get used to them.

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Hi Lorie

I think a lot of us seem to suffer with stomach problems & indigestion , which seems to be anxiety related for most

When we are eating we tend to not digest are food as well through anxiety , causing this problem , also it is good if we eat slow & chew our food well as some of us can eat quickly

Maybe you need to have a word with your GP , if you have been on meds a while sometimes they can need adjusting & if you feel they are not working as well , the dose might need changing

Just a thought did you start with indigestion before you went on the meds or while you have been on them as some meds can have this as a side effect , but again you could ask your GP

Some take Rennies , a glass of cold milk can help & Manuka 10+ honey has helped me

You are not on your own though with this

Let us no how you go on




yeah I've had a few digestive troubles since the anxiety returned...for me removing cheese and raisins and eating ginger cookies has helped...digestive system definitely more fussy on anxiety...I did get a prescription for heartburn - can't remember what it was for because the heartburn went before I was going to get the prescription lol

good luck


Lorie in reply to LadySaabra

Thanks LadySaabra sorry to hear you suffer too. Glad to know that it will improve

Thanks for posting why why. I'm going to GP tomorrow. I've only had heartburn for two weeks. I've been on tablets for about six months. Going to see what GP has to say as I'm now starting to worry. Knowing other suffer to helps. I know I'm not alone

Hidden in reply to Lorie

Let us no how you go on , I am sure its nothing serious , but I do no how unpleasant it is



Hi Lorie x Ive had anxiety really badly for the last year x and since this I have found I suffer really badly with indigestion and heartburn. The indigestion can be quite severe at times and causes a lot of back pain. Whywhy is right, the doctor told me mine was caused by rushing to eat my food as I was anxious, therefore it was,not digesting properly.

The way I have gotten round this is by reducing the amount I eat and trying to take my time, I also eat a little earlier in the evening, and nothing after 8pm. I have cut out certain trigger foods to, such as spicy food and orange juice which for some reason set off the heartburn x I also eat a bowl of shredded wheat on a night as to help to digest my food properly xx Hope this helps out your mind at ease x Donver x

Hi donver, thanks for posting. I seem to never stop eating at the moment. Perhaps I should cut back. Feeling a lot more reassured thanks to everyone

like others on here I suffer heartburn too. Dr thinks its to do with Anti-Ds, certain types can give us problems with stomach/digestion. I found taking my pills in a close timeframe would start it off. So giving a decent interval between taking them could help. I get it almost everyday and try to tackle it with gaviscon, mint herbal teas. Its not the worst side affect but it can get quite concerning at times. Hope your Dr can help with yours. xxx

I really don't know how to start..but, lately I felt really depressed crying over the slightest thing and not doing the things I like doing, it lasted for a week then I felt normal for about 4 weeks but still a bit nervous. .now I feel depressed again, I can't sleep and can't eat but it's not as bad as it used to be on the first week, it started when both my brother's moved out and I'm 15 is this normal?

Hi youth, I'm no expert, only a mum and grandma . Can you talk to your parents about this, if not some responsible adult. You can't carry this load alone. You can go to your gp in confidence, he can't tell your parents if you tell him not too. 15 is a hard age but so exciting . Your brother moving out is a big change for you, you must miss him. Other doors will soon open up for you and you will be able to cope. If you find you still feel depressed please get help,you don't have to feel like this,I know I put of getting help until I really had too. As for feeling normal most of us feel depressed at times, and i still miss my children now that they have moved out. Look after yourself you deserve too.

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