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Multi panic attacks a day

Mt anxiety is getting worse. I'm waking up 3 it 4 times in the night panicking and twice a day. I started diesipam yesterday morning with calmed me down. I took 5 mg at first then 4mg in afternoon. Then 2mg at 11pm and again at 5am. It feels 2 isn't enough to control it. Is anyone else know what I'm going through? It's horrendous I keep thinking I'm having a heart attack :(.

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Dus anyone else take diesipam?


Yes but not that many


Hi Mcminn.

If I were you I would go and see your doctor again and explain your situation.Diazepam is addictive and if you need to use it on a regular basis you need to control it.I know its frightening but you have to try and breathe through it. Try visiting the headspace website you might find it helpful.



Thanks Kenny.


Hi Mc, I know your post was from a day ago so hope you're feeling a little better. For you to be taking diazepam in this way worries me. When I had a breakdown I was given a high dose(15mg) initially then tapered down. The period was a bout 4 weeks. I'm worried you may get addicted,but obviously I don't know your full history etc. I'm certainly no expert on meds so please visit your doctor for advice. Thinking of you.


hi mcminn 1

see your doctor mate,i was on diazepam for about 4months and they helped at the time but i still

had to find a way to stop the panic attacks that i was having.i eventully changed a few things about myself and my attacks have stopped,try to find out why you are having the panic attacks,i felt this helped me when i did,good luck


I've taken diazepam for most of my life, up to 50mg a day in the 70s and I promise you, the more you take the more you'll need. I've weaned myself off over many years and now take one quarter of a 2mg tablet four times a day. Most people assume that such a tiny amount couldn't have any effect but It's a case of lowering your body's expectations, and these very low doses are now as effective as the previous hefty ones.

I had to give up the job I loved owing to panic attacks & for years relied on diazepam which, long term, made the problem worse.

Kenny is spot-on in saying you have to breathe through it. After counselling and anxiety groups, I began to understand that I'd been using all the wrong techniques and found that (although it's scary at first) when I put on my coat and walked briskly for about 20mins the symptoms stopped. I found it worked best after dark (with partner) as there were less folk around and much less visual stimulus.

If you can summon the courage to push through it, you'll find that you actually don't faint or have a heart attack and your pulse returns to its natural rhythm. The walking also forces your breathing to regulate. Once you've dealt with an attack, you'll know that you've taken control..........and the panic will stop controlling you. :-/

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