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Anyone out there check their pulse regularly?|


I'm always monitoring my breathing and heart rate. I fear a heart attack with everything I have and it's consumed me these past two years. I was wondering if anyone else regularly checks their pulse. I feel silly in public but if I don't I will start having a panic attack and think my throat is closing. I've had anxiety my entire life but this has just recently developed, within the last two years id say. I've had an EKG and it was normal, my blood pressure is alway good and my heart rate is usually 70-71 bpm. And yet I still have this fear and it's even scarier to think this is only me..

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No I do keep an eye on my BP and found it useful when I was having panic during my breakdown 18 months ago I used it when I was having a panic attack it helped me to relax as I could see my BP come down and some times I use it when I geek anxious and it shows new that it's not my BP if you see but not often tho

The fear us in our heads there is a very good app I would recommend it's also a book called Anxiety no more

Yeh I have this a lot at the moment. I wake up with panic in the night every night at the moment with fast heart and tight breathing. I check my pulse every day worrying it's going to fast

I don't check my pulse as suffering from severe health anxiety I just know for sure I'd misinterpret what I felt and start a big worrying cycle off.

I had a health check last year and my BP was fine so I just tell myself that and try and not worry.

I usto so that allot

Oh yes's part of my routine checking my pulse ...if I start to feel a bit ill that's the first thing I check

Yes!!! I feel so silly sometimes but I do it a lot! It's like a comfort thing I think :/

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