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Have you ever had an anxiety attack or scared that this happened?

A while back I was going in and out of the doctors for various things, there was a time when I went to the doctors and was in my way home when it felt like someone was following me sure enough everytime I changed lanes a motorcycle behind me moved at first I thought maybe I unintionally did something that got that person mad, I got out of the road to get some take away and they also got out and were just going in circles around the restaurant at this point my heart is pounding hard and I was having difficulty controlling my breathing then the guy in the motorcycle got to the car next to me and was kicking the cars bumper and wheels at this point I'm really scared and my heart is pounding really hard it hurts and I felt like I was going to die. The guy leaves and I make sure he's gone and I continue home. I get home and I started getting a headache It was from the neck all of the back left side of the head it was pulsing and I couldn't move because if I did the pain was unbearable pulsing I went to lay down and I got a huge headrush I tried getting in a better position again the pain shot up. Was this from the anxiety or did my scare cause my blood pressure through the roof and almost suffered and actual heart or possibly stroke I am 25, I am overweight. It was almost an yr ago I didn't tell the doctors and I just remembered now after reading about an actress that had a similar experience but she died. :( I do remember that a while after that whenever I would get slighty scared my chest would hurt has this happened to you?? Really bad attack with severe pounding heart and headache afterwards?? Should I bring it up to my doctors??

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It sounds like reading about the actress has triggered your anxiety,because you suffered a traumatic experience your brain automatically went back to that time.If you have not had any more headaches or similar incidents then you can say it was all down to anxiety.It would be worth mentioning it to your doctor next time you visit.

stay strong Kenny


Thank you Kenny,

I hope it was just that one time, like I said a few months afterwards I would get pain after getting a scare. Not so much now.

I always forget to mention it to the doctors. :( and I always write everything down.

Thank you again for your reply

:) yaz


Definately sounds like a panic attack I'm sure you were panicking as anyone would in that situation, then as Kenny said reading of the the actress caused the anxiety so you tend to worry more than normal when something scary happens as you've had this experience and chest pain is normal when anxious due to tension! Hope your feeling better xx


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