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So I'm not doing super well.


Yeah.. Im very out of it all the time, having dizzy spells and mild but back-to-back constant blackouts. Tingling body and an upset stomach every day. My dreams are crazy and when I wake up it feels like I haven't slept at all. I've been to the ER twice and they tested EVERYTHING. Im perfectly healthy supposedly. Except I'm dehydrated every time even though I drink loads and loads of water.. weird, right? Now along with my MRI and EEG they want a sleep study :/ im just so tired of it getting worse. But all feelings are temporary and this too shall pass. I'm working hard and looking forward to feeling better. :) A lot of the increased anxiety is from a fight I got in with an old friend a few days ago. We were best friends for years but when my anxiety started getting bad he dropped me like I was nothing because I couldn't hang out with him as much anymore. He took at as a personal offense even though I explained my situation. Now he messages me sometimes to bully me. My birthday just passed and he messaged me asking "How was your birthday? Did you leave your house? ;)" and other terrible things. I cried for hours and had a panic attack where I really thought I was going to die. I dont know how to not let things like that bother me. I'm prescribed a lot of xanax right now and abilify and effexor. My doctor wants me off all of it because I'm doing so badly. I don't want a new medication regimen, they never work for me. I hope you all are doing well. Have a wonderful day and try to float through your anxiety no matter how bad it may feel at first. I promise you'll be okay. :)

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*hugs* I'm sorry that happened to you:(

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Thank you sweetie. :)

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Hi Someone,

So, so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time.

I have had a couple of bad nights, feeling sick, funny stomach, unbalanced feelings, muscle pain. I have come away a week to North Wales with my husband. Now wouldn't you think that would be relaxing?? I just get freaked out when I'm not home, I spoil everything for my husband and feel so guilty. A I take is diazepam as needed, I believe that's the same as xanax, not sure?

I, like you cope most of the time, but when people think I'm doing good I'm normally feeling like crap and freaking out inside, oh to be the normal me.

Just wanted you to know that you are not alone, I know it doesn't help much when someone says that, but a lot of us battle every day.

Take care and stay strong xxx

It helps so much to know I'm not alone. <3 I'm sorry you have to deal with this too though. I love your username.

Do you ever get weird all day feeljngs throughout your brain?

Could you describe them? I get many strange brain feelings.

Wow that is truly abysmal behaviour what a sad tiny man he must be. You’re so much stronger and resilient than he could ever hope to be. You’re more beautiful inside and out than he could ever hope to be. Your positive attitude through all of that is truly inspiring it’s frankly unbelievable you’re an incredible person. Who will get through this I know you will you can’t not look how strong you are! I take huge inspiration from you and so should others! If you ever need to talk about anything I’m always here to help

I understand what your going through. If your meds help please take them. How much xanax fo you take a day?

Sorry to hear your having a bad time & cant help having a so called friend teasing you .Ignore his messages or block him altogether your better to him .I can relate & sympathise with you to alot of your symptoms,i lost my dad in May & i haven't been right since he passed .Firstly i got palpitations & dizziness & thought i was going to have heart attack went to docs blood pressure was fine & even had an ecg .Latest thing is tingly in arms & legs & muscle twitching in calves once again down docs had bloods done they were all ok .Also get strange feeling in head at night ,im constantly googling think i might have MS ,ALS but i think it is all anxiety i had a few weeks off work as i was stressed there ! Back now & still got tingling etc but trying to carry on it is hard but its nice to read posts like yours as sometimes you tend to think your alone with whats going on ,you take care ,stay strong feel free to message me .

I've been going through a lot of what you've been having since May. It's been hell. I went on Zoloft for a week and stopped due to the side effects being too intense, and this was me taking one third of 25 mg dose. An ER doc started me on Trazodone 50mg but I only take 10-12.5mg by cutting it in 4, which is working. However, I still have a lot of symptoms. I've been trying to get my doctor and even the ER docs to check my heart but no one accepted and just says anxiety. I feel like the system is rigged to let people suffer and reduce the population or something. I also question all the 5G towers as well as the 5G satellite internet for the entire world that they launched in May. It may sound crazy but I have trouble believing that everything I do, nothing helps much. Relaxation, breathing, exercise, eat healthy, meds etc.

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