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Have you guys felt this before??

Upper back below shoulder blades across the both sides something heavy like someone has their arm there? Just pushing you down makes me feel unbalanced, been clenching my teeth really bad these last few days, whirlwind of anxiety attacks. Is it tense muscles? Acid reflux related? It's scarring me especially that out of balanced feeling :(

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Morning Hypoc.

I am sure the discomfort you are feeling is anxiety related,especially the teeth clenching as I find myself doing just that. It could also be reflux related if you have it often try Gaviscon it is really good.I hope you feel better soon.



Hello Kenny,

Thank you for the recommendation! Hopefully it's one or the other.

Both manageable :).



Morning hypoc

I get very tense in my shoulders when I am anxious, and the last few days have been clenching my jaw to the point where I needed painkillers to take the ache off.

I am off to the dentist today to see what she can do for me.

I have not had the out of balance thing so can't help you there sorry.



Hi hypoc. I had jaw clenching and felt someone was sitting on my chest when I was put on new anxiety/depression meds. I know your symptoms are different but enough alike to remind me of my experience. It's horrible. Thinking of you.


Hi hypoc, I've had that feeling in my back & this last week I've been unbalanced but I thought maybe that was high blood pressure. Also I grind/clench my teeth badly. My dentist made me a mouth guard, which I haven't managed to get use to yet. I also have the acid reflux & I use gaviscon, more than I should probably.


Hi Bailey,

Do you get that back thing when you are stressed or at rest too? I know the unbalanced thing couldn't be high blood pressure on my part it's always borderline low/normal. Hope it's just vertigo induced by anxiety, I've been having a bad week.

As for the mouth guard how often do you have to wear it?

I'll look into gaviscon, you are the second to recommend it thank you,



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