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You guys are amazing!!

I am new to this service and Ive only logged on a couple of times since joining, but from the posts Ive read so far and the responses that are given to these posts Ive got to say you guys are absolutely amazing! The support on here is incredible so credit to you all!

It would be nice if there was more support out there in the hope for the future!! :0)

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Hi Caz :) you are right everyone is nice in here and we are tyring to help each other overcoming anxiety/depression!!! support from other sufferers helps a lot, when someone is explaning their symptoms it make sense and we try to help, unfortunately is not the situation if you try to explain to someone who does not suffer, they don't get it, it is not like a disease so it is a bit weird for them!!!

it would be nice if we can get a good diet plan (certain food can trigger anxiety, ie chocolate/sugar/fried food) and if we can get some proper breathing exercise (very very important)!!!

you are sweet :)


Hi Caz, welcome to the site. Ditto what rouri has said. I often think that if we all perhaps wore a bandage round our heads :-) then we would perhaps get a bit of empathy as unfortunately our type of disorder/condition is not visible to people so it seems that because we look ok! then that means we are ok!.if only it was that simple...enjoy the site:-).....Seashell..x


Haha Seashell, yes it would be alot easier to explain if we had a physical injury. I often dont know where to start if people ask me whats wrong or why i dont do something because its so complex, so I often sont say anything. Thanks for the welcome. xx


WELCOME loads of nice genuine people on here feel free to chat any time x


Thank you Milo, same to you. x


I'm so glad you are all finding the support you need from this community. It helps so much to know that you are not alone in dealing with anxiety. For some, that can be the first step to being able to manage anxiety.

I work for Anxiety UK, who provides this forum for free and just wanted to say that if you find this service useful, please consider supporting Anxiety UK. You can make a small donation at Or if you feel like you need additional support, you can become a member of the charity and receive a range of services, including access to reduced cost therapy. Visit for more information.

Really pleased that you value this forum and we're so glad we can provide it.

All the best.


Thanks Doodle :) I would love to join Anxiety Uk but at the moment i dont work due to Anxiety so I have not a penny. Thank you anyway for the suggestion x


We understand and we're glad you can get some support via the forum!


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