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Headaches, light headedness, anxiety


Around a year ago I suffered horrendous panic attacks and anxiety. I had usual symptoms, (heart palpitations, tingling in arm, shortness breath etc.) I found this amverynchallengimg time in my life but after counselling and help from family, friends and on here I managed to get through this!

Around a month and a half ago I hit my head on a night out and the next day felt spaced out. I went to the doctors and they said I showed no signs of serious head trauma. I then went skiing and felt anxious very spaced out and had to see doctor, he said blood pressure slightly high and have me tramadol - had to come home early as felt dreadful and couldn't do anything. Also been taking 2.5mg diazepam on off to try help sleep.

On my return I went to A&E and saw another doctor who said I might have post concussive syndrome (headaches, anxious, etc.)'I also saw options and have been described glasses for computer work.

Now three doctors and an optician haven't sent me for a scan! Am I ok? Am I just panicking? Finding sleeping very difficult and worrying a lot!!!

Any help much appreciated.


Ollie x

(P.s apologies for the essay!)

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hi im back , had a few tough weeks


Hi Olliebear

Even though you have seen doctors and optician I would ask your GP if he would send you for a scan just to be on the safe side.It could be no more than eye strain. I hope you get it sorted soon.



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