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I went outside...willingly!

I haven't been able to go outside willingly in a long time. Although I still only allow myself to do it at night while most people are at home and with someone I trust, I felt proud of myself for it. The anxiety and panic attacks are still things I can't control and are still rather serious, but I still managed to make a little progress.

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Morning Rosie-Chan

I don't think we have chatted before so welcome to the site.

Try not to think of controlling your panic attacks as this gives them power, try saying to yourself I know what is happening and this will pass. Not easy I know but it is a way of telling your brain that you understand what's going on and you will be okay once this has passed.

Well done for going out and you should be proud of yourself.

Are you getting any support from your doctor as well?

Wishing you a nice calm day.

Gardener x


That's great Rosie,first steps taken,keep it up slowly and surely when you feel right about going out.You did really well. Xxxxx



Well done you going out you should feel very proud. I hope you gave yourself a treat.



Hi Rosie-Chan.

It is really good to hear you were able to go outside, you are taking small positive steps and that means a great deal, you have good reason to be proud of yourself. Well done



Hi Rosie,

It's great you went outside! You should indeed be proud of yourself. Keep doing this!



Hi Rosie,

So glad you ventured out, small steps, but you will get there eventually. xx


hi rosie, well done of you to take these ( massive ) small steps, we are all so proud of you, remember your attacks will always calm down, breathing techniques make a great difference as well. jasper xx


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