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I did it again:(

I just made myself freak out! I started itching on my body and face again so I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate...think it was blueberries. So I go and look it up and I freaked out thinking my throat was swelling but it isn't its just me making it up and freaking out so I start crying and I really wish I had someone to call when I'm crying and freaking out like that. I took an ativan and now I'm waiting for that to kick in but I can't stop panicking I hate this.I've also been having a lot of aches and pains in my legs and arms I'm so fed up!! :,(

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Morning illaeskrilla

Oh sorry you are having a hard time. It's not nice when are brain over think things and we go and feed this worry by looking things up on the net.

I am sure all your aches and pains are from all the stress and anxiety your body is going through as when we feel anxious and upset all sort of chemicals are rushing round are body. I am not a doctor so if you are worried about anything please go to see your G/P.

I am hoping your Ativan is now working for you and you are calmer in yourself now.

I know the feeling on wanting to call someone when we feel like this and you did the right thing posting on here.

It make take some time to get a reply but someone will so you are never alone with all this.

Hope you have a calm day.

Gardener x


Hi illaeskrilla.

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time.Please stay away from Dr Google he is your worst enemy, you have health anxiety and don't need to look for symptoms.A lot of people on here used to do the same as you, when they stopped googling they had less attacks of anxiety. I hope you calm down soon.



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