Hi guys,

I get really bad anxiety and I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences vomiting when having an attack how do you deal with it?

My anxiety relates mainly to relationships and whenever I feel insecure or unsure about a situation my mind goes into over drive some times I get dizzy other times I just feel nauseous and more regularly now I'm throwing up this is beginning to affect every single aspect of my life I sometimes can't go to work because I'm worried I'll be sick of anyone has any information please respond


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  • Hi nab the sickness is a normal part if anxiety sadly, the body gets rid of what it doesn't need to fight or run away from a danger so vomiting, excess wind, going to the toilet more than normal. Makes your body lighter so it can move quicker. Try to take deep breaths and speak to your dr and ask for some form of help. Hope you feel a little better

  • Thankyou I wasn't sure if these were normal symptoms or not it's becoming really debilitating and affecting literally everything that I'm doing

    Thankyou for your reply

  • I had the same problem a years back when I was at school and college, at first i would try n focus on something, even something really trivial to try to not think about it, but this didnt work for long. I found before the sickness came but i could feel it coming I would get up, leave the room and either get some fresh air, or get to a loo so I could be ill in silence!

    So a bit of fresh air and leaving the situation was the way I got round it

  • Thankyou for your reply has this helped long term ? And what were your trigger points like was it to do with relationships or anything like that? I can notice when it's coming on but I can't make it stop and I'm getting a lot worse not better I don't no what to do to get control of my life I'm only 20 im a Uni student with a part time job and a bf who can't take any more of my anxiety and depression I'm seeing a councillor and I'm on meds but I don't no what else I can do:(

  • I think it helped me for a while as I knew what to do when the symptoms can on it made me feel a bit more in control. The triggers for me was being in a situation where i felt i couldnt escape for example being in a class room or cinema - you know when your sitting far away from the door and everyone would notice you leaving or holding you up - which would increase the anxiety. I always made an effort to sit somewhere near a door so it would leave little effort to leave. This way of coping worked for a couple of years. But when i started Uni it got worse, I was even considering dropping out as having to sit in a lecture hall or classroom made me feeling so anxious and sick - I then decided something had to happen so I went to the Doctor - they gave me citalopram and after taking this for a while I could go back into uni and sit through lectures. What are your triggers? As finding small ways to calm yourself down can really help (like for me being able to sit closer to a door or on the aisle)

  • Yeah I sometimes feel like that if I already am triggered my trigger points is relationships like I panic people are going to leave me constantly so I panic about everything in a relationship which makes it hard for my partner my parents split in a pretty bad way and now when I'm in a relationship I worry about the same thing happening to me so I literally over think and question everything and get really bad anxiety over it causing me to throw up and sometimes if I feel like I'm in a situation I can't get out of like a councillors appointment I will feel sick while I'm in there!

    I just checked I have been put on the same meds you were I know it's different for everyone but you are the first person I have found that's been on them did they work really well for you in reguards to bringing up your mood as well?

  • Mm maybe get your Partner to handwrite a little note saying that they want to be with you or just reassuring you that they are there, then you can take it wherever you go and look at it when you feel anxious? As it might help reduce the fear that brings on yours anxiety, a bit like how I would sit near exits. They didnt work to help bring up my mood at all, i havent really felt happy in years, which is why im reluctant to go on them again, but they do ease the anxiety.

  • Iv`e never had sickness with anxiety, but I wouldn`t put up with it if I did. I`s take something to stop it, such as Motillium, an anti-emetic that you can get over the counter in any chemist.

  • Is that just for anti anxiety or is it just for nausea ? Thanks heaps for your reply

  • It`s just for sickness in general, not for motion sicknes though. It must be very effective, because it`s used on chemotherapy patients.

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