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Hi all well I did promise to keep those that had sent me messages about me trying hypnotherapy in the loop.well today was my second session and I feel so much better.when I first went in and described everything what she did for me has reduced my anxiety to pretty much none existence.basically I was suffering from PTSD due to the nature of how my marriage ended over 6 years ago and by using techniques she has blocked them dark thoughts out.yes it's cost me but this woman has changed my life for the better I don't honestly have that pit of the stomach anxiety that I lived with for nearly 2 years,it's worked for me and I'd like to think anyone out there able to try it go ahead its worth it xx

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hi lynne, am so pleased the hypno has worked for you, I know it doesn't always work out that way but everyone is different I suppose, keep up the great positivity. love jasper xx


morning lynne,

Thanks for getting back to us all it is always great when we here from others that a treatment has worked.

Gardener x


Hi Lynne, it's great that the hypnotherapy works so well for you!

I had heard that it didn't work for anxiety, but now I might give it a try.

So thank you for posting this!



Hi everyone thanks for your replies,I had heard off a few friends that anxiety is the easiest one for a hypnotherapist to deal with.And I found out for me personally it has give me my life back,I use to walk around with a constant fear in the pit of my stomach that's gone,the only thing I find is because I take propanolol they seem to now make me feel quite tired so I'm going to slowly wean off and if god forbid I ever feel anxious again I know I can take them if and when needed.ive still got things to achieve obviously the anxiety had such a grip it damaged any confidence I had and because I was comfort eating I now have gained a bit weight,so my next challenge is to sort my eating out and then I'm hoping my confidence will come back once I see results,but I'm on the right track,I'm not saying it will work for everyone but for me and a few friends it's changed our lives.make sure you get the best one you can afford.xx


HI Lynn,could you tell me,do you need more sessions,or is two enough,I was thinking of trying this,and tnx for getting back to us..xxxx


Hi miarose I'm planning on two more and that's it. My hypnotherapist states you don't need loads if it's an anxiety disorder. I'm going back for help with my confidence that the anxiety had stripped away. Hope if you try it you get great results. I felt different after the first session which cost me 130 pounds for a hour and a half but her testimonials were really good that's why I picked her. Good luck xx


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