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Constant Dizziness

Hi there, This is my first post. I have suffered with health anxiety now for around 6 years over that time I think I have convinced myself iv had every condition any the sun. Of late I just feel constantly stressed and worry, on edge and nervous. My wife was recently in hospital for a few days and I had to look after my kids, without mummy this was stressful, plus I was so worried about my wife. Since then I have found myself having dizzy spells as if I'm about to past out, I manage to talk myself down from it though, by telling myself that's it's just anxiety and it will pass.

It's like a wave that just comes over me, my legs feel weak and my temples feel fuzzy and I get a wave of warm through my body. Once this has gone I remain anxious and nervous for a while but then it just fades right off until I feel normal again. Along with this I sometimes feel short spells of dizziness for a couple of seconds or as though I'm walking on a boat. I get heart racing and palpitations with this as well the Doctor has done ECG and all is fine with my heart.

Has anybody else experienced this please.

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Yes . Lots of us have . I'm currently having shortness of breath or so I think . I keep having to take deep breaths in and it feels like my lungs take in a lot of air but I can't catch it . It makes me feel fuzzy and like off balance.


Ok thank you for your reply.

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Hi there,

I also suffer these 'fuzzy' spells. I very often get numbness in my hands and then feel a warm wave up my body from my feet, I feel sick and start shaking.. then I tend to pass out. I've also suffered breathing problems with a racing heartbeat. I too have had ECG tests both at the hospital and for 24hours at home and both showed nothing. I've also had a spirometrey test for asthma which also showed nothing so must be purely anxiety related. I find it having more and more of an impact on my life as I get chest pains and I panic to be alone.

Truly awful thing to suffer, I know how you feel.

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Thanks for your reply, feels so nice to actually know that people understand me. Can't talk to anybody else about it. 👍🏻


I have exactly the same problem. Trying to explain it to people who haven't experienced it is very difficult. It impacts my life terribly, so much so that I'm finding leaving the house exhausting because I'm so terrified of having these 'episodes' as I call them.

I've never chatted about my problems with people I don't know and as I have social anxiety this is a massive step for me. I feel very worried about being judged.

I don't know about you but I also feel as it's not a visible disability so people don't know how we suffer it's a lot more difficult to talk about :/

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