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Can anyone help me? I'm basically scared out of my mind for the past week I've been VERY stressed out. My dog almost died which made me completely broke. But also I was having black vision upon standing due to not enough water. I'm 20 I lost 55 pounds and I eat healthy. Tonight all of sudden i was having heart palpitations and shortness of breath and nausea. I'm EXTREMELY scared im going to have a heart attacks. Plus im freezing and shaking too. Can someone tell me if I can have a heart attack being just 20? Please I'm VERY scared. :(

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Hello Crystal,

It sounds to me that you where having a panic attack last night. But I am not a doctor and if you ever feel you need help please ring 999.

Panic and anxiety have a big impact on our bodies with regards shortness of breathe, nausea, heart pounding, wanting the loo more.

Are you getting any help from your doctor with regards your panic? counselling CBT or anything.

You said you have been very stressed out this past week with your dog almost dying. I am not surprised you have had a panic attack. I find when I am stressed for a good few days, I start getting the symptoms I described above.

Keep posting on here and we will all try to help you are not alone feeling like this.

Gardener x


Hi there:)

It does sound like a panic attack but you need to go to your doctor and explain what has happened. He/she will check you over.

Once you've been checked over and been reassured you will hopefully relax.

Check out the website Headspace, a lot of us on here do mindful meditation, it keeps things a whole lot calmer.


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