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hey im really anxious about my heart , yesterday it was beating around 90-100 (resting) , the paramedics came and did tests and stuff and said everything was perfectly fine and i shouldn't worry but the thing is that it would randomly beat really fast, then slow again (72-78) im like freaking out now because i have really bad health anxiety towards my heart (for three and a half years now) and im scared that something is wrong with it, im only 17.

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Hey, ive had anxiety for a year now, im 19, and ive always been worried with my heart too but as long as the doctor tells you your heart is fine then its fine, this morning i had 100 bpm now im at 60, it changes a lot throughout the day. Its hard to do but you just have to stop checking your beats per minute or else the anxiety will never end :/


awh no! i feel you, it defs sucks :((and yeah, I've tried to stop feeling my pulse and it has made me feel better but sometimes i let my doubts brainwash me into thinking something is wrong so i always have to go back and feel it, its 78 now but sometimes i feel like anxiety will cause damage to it in someway and it will cause a disease :(


Go and do a fitbess course and learn about your heart. Your pulse rate will change all the time throughout the day depending what you're doing - walking to the fridge , eating, hot weather, having a bath etc. Your pulse rate will also change if you are fit. A fit person might have a resting pulse rate of 60 an unfit peraon maybe 80. You must increase your heart beat to get benefit from exercise and your body is an amazing thing. At your age having your heart rate at 170 - 190 means you're getting fit!! The more you concentrate on it the more stessed you will be. Your heart won't stop. It just feels wierd. At your age you should be having an awesome time with friends and sport and so much fun (of course concentrate on your studies too!!). Have faith in your body - no more self doubt!!!

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awwwh thank you!! this really cheered me up and made me feel a whole lot better, i will try!! it's scary but each day im trying to do things to improve :))


I am a phys ed teacher and a medical scientist (and a mum to a 15 yo and a 12 yo and aunt to a yr 12 girl!!) and paradoxically i have anxiety. Go to your school library and get anything you can find written by dr Claire weekes (she was an aussie dr). Also have a listen to some if these audio recordings by her junior-anxiety-depression-e... These helped me immensely and being audio you can listen to them on the bus or train to or from school. Also talk to a counsellor at school - it's great to share how you're feeling with a real human being. Good luck 🌷


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