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Therapy went really well today and I learnt a lot :-) the tingles we get is our body doesn't need skin for the fight/ it sends signals to the places it needs such as the heart (fast pulse) for oxygen to the brain, stomach (bowls) to get rid of any excess weight we don't need to move quicker, ears as we need them for extra senses to here extra danger. Our symptoms are very real but all powered by the brain in danger mode and as we never get to the danger we have long bouts of anxiety. Another interesting fact 80% of heart attacks are not started in the left side of the body which I found strange it's in the very centre of the chest .... For those of us with left pain this could ease the worry a little. I'm defo going to try and worry less now but guaranteed every middle chest pain ill worry lol

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Hi Evey.

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the information. It sound like you are getting something out of the therapy your having, I also found it very good, I did mine with an organisation called Talking Matters and it was a group of us suffering different types of anxiety. I hope you continue to benefit from your sessions.



Thank you Kenny it is helping it's just a one on one therapy with the lady who is trained in cbt I think it's a good idea to have a group therapy but find this site helps too


Hi Evey, good to hear your therapy is working to help you understand about anxiety. I think once you understand what is going on, it is less frightening, though still very unpleasant and debillitating. What is the nature of the therapy, CBT or something else?

kind regards, Mallet-head


Hi mallet it's cbt therapy it is good, I'm trying to control my anxiety I will not let it beat me this week is all about letting it take it's time. I know anxiety won't kill me but the symptoms are very real. Here is to another new week


Hi Evey, thanks for letting me know about the cbt. Good to hear of something that is working for you. Must have a talk with my GP to see what is available locally round the Wirral area. You are so right about the symptoms being real, even if there is no obvious real cause. I have managed my anxiety without meds for about 4 years, but boy do I suffer the symptoms! I have to go in to hospital in about 2 weeks for some keyhole heart surgery, and my anxiety is through the roof at present. Using mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy/guided meditation to control symptoms. Should dissipate after procedure is done hopefully.

Keep well and keep up the good work with the cbt

Regards, Mallet


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