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For Women anxiety sufferers - link

Hello ladies, sorry for all men members in here this article is more women related but very beneficial for men if you want to read, you can maybe relate to few things. click on link below and let me know what you think, there is a part that says:

(Leading psychologists believe the emotion of each of our memories is chemically encoded in the brain’s amygdala — the “nut” of worry — and that every time we retrieve a memory, for better or for worse, that memory is changed — actually chemically altered. A history of adverse experiences in childhood can set us up for a lifelong pattern of chronic anxiety: from the overt trauma of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, to a parent’s death, divorce, or emotional modeling by an overly anxious, controlling or alcoholic parent, when dreadful things happen to us as children, we may lack the skills to process them. It’s as though the adverse events are trapped inside us, resurfacing as anxiety symptoms when we’re adults)

link below:

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thanks. it might be helpful. I wish I could have cbt but they only offer me stress coping course where people listen only.. :(


hello gatita, well you are luckier than me, my GP did not tell me i suffer from anxiety even after visiting him few times, i just tell him what is going on and he kept on noding his head, and pushing me to take meds, at the end my anxiety symptoms got worse so went back to him and he told me that i have anxiety and depression!!! if i only was diagnozed before i woul deducated myself but left it for long, he offered me again tablets but i refused and left and never been back. i asked for alternative therapy and he said there is none available, NONE and i accepted that but now people are having CBT and some other things which i was not offered. why i pay taxes i don't know!!!

take care of yourself and keep strong



Hi Ladies,

Are you a member of Anxiety UK. because you can obtain therapies at a cut price and a lot quicker than the NHS. I did this and benefited enormously.

Rouri you G.P. sounds a waste of time. I eventually got help stress relief, computerised CBT, I had to wait a year, but it was very helpful.


thank you for your reply dear, at the moment i am beter than before and not on meds, i don't have problems going to places and i am working at the moment.

i still feel that i am slighlty depressed and anxiety always in the background with persistent symtomps like tight chest/difficulty breathing sometimes and dizziness, so not sure if CBT is for me or for more extreme cases? i don't know what you think?

my anxiety brought back horrible memories that i blocked them long time ago but i don't seems to be able to get rid of them!!! what is your thoughts on that?

thx :)



My personal feelings are to go for CBT. I was working and did suffer from social anxiety, but I pushed myself to do all I was afraid of.

If you still get some symptoms and you have blocked some memories it may help you. I didn't know just how many memories I had blocked out, until I started the CBT. It certainly helped me. The therapy, at first, made me feel worse, as everything was brought to the surface, but I came out a much more relaxed person.


thx a lot for this ecinue, is like i am afraid of how many bad memories i will end up with, i had bad childhood and bad teeanage years that gave me depression in my twenties, but it seems i blocked them in my mid twenties!! what i found amazing in the article above is that it tells you that after major incident the memories start to surface back again and this is what exactly happened!!

how much are we talking about per session for CBT?

i have done The Linden Method which claimed to cure me, it did help but still not cured!!

sorry for goin gon and on, i found it useful to ask people in here for their opinions!!

thx love


No problem at all. I like to pass on useful information. It is years ago when I had it, but it is a lot cheaper through Anxiety U.K.

Go on the website for Anxiety U.K. and follow the instructions, I think to join Anxiety U.K. is about £21.00 per year then you can apply to see a Therapist, via phone, face-to-face, or home visits.

When you are an anxiety sufferer you never are cured. Anxiety is an adrenaline rush, and we need that for survival, ours just gets out of control.

The more we push down our thoughts, they have to surface at some time, therefore these therapists tell us how to deal with them.

I hope this helps Rouri, I am a lot better than I was, I have taken medication for donkey's years, but I take any help I am offered and swear by my yoga and exercise to help combat anxiety.


thx again very much appreciate it :)



Im sorry Rouri. your gp is useless. lets become members of Anxiety and see how it goes. thanks


hi i know, he is the head of the GPs in there, one time he refused to re-schedule me for a heart doctor for an appoitment that i had urgently to miss out, saying that you don't need to go again everything is fine, they just want more comission, because if i refer you they got more money. what can i do i just shut up and kept quiet, taking his word on it!!! he assured me nothing is wrong with my heart but till now sometimes i have doubts when it comes to some palpitations/flutters that i am having from time to time!!

i can't afford to pay too much money as well, i know membership is £30 a year which is ok but not sure how much then we have to pay for the therapy!!



gp.. person who googles your symptoms and fobs you off. I grind my teeth and asked for this plastic relaxation protection and the gp said I should keep my tongue between my teeth! you wont bite yourself will you? its what she said. eventually I got it but abroad.

yes, I agree. the treatment might be too expensive :(


HI ROURI hope you are well as can be i have read the site you posted very interesting i think i will go back to my g p and get a referral to menopause clinic because like you said my g p just keeps saying take A D i have not been diagnosed with anything they keep saying something is wrong but we do not know what it will be a process of elimination i have told them i am not taking tablets i want to know why B P is always low and i am dizzy i will demand to be referred to menopause clinic tomorrow i have asked before but they said NO because i am 53 i am SAILING THROUGH IT i feel like i am drowning and i am a very good swimmer l o l x x


hi love, let me know the outcomes.

i took on line test and came up as i have stron hormonal imbalance?? i don't even know what this means, i am 34 so not sure what is that?

the nly thing i know befor emy period i become different person and after period i am stressed again cz of ovulating, and maybe i have like one or 2 days which are ok and then back again to period and ovu....

is just drving me crazy and i dont' want to go to my GP again!!!



That's a great article - there are lots of bits in it that are useful and informative for all anxiety sufferers, including men!


Hi. Have you heard of The Linden Method, Charles Linden went through a horrific time and he overcome it (he says by following a method). It is maybe worth a look if some of you have not heard of it. It's a good rule to live by once you are well again.

I HAD to go on meds (I was lucky enough to see a specialist in Austria, where the health care is amazing, I saw a specialist the same day the doctor referred me). She prescribed me Mirtazapine and my symtoms got better more or less straight away, after 6 weeks of hell. I am also on Citolapram 40mg, which is what my doctor prescribed.

Your right about the amygdala, and it's to do with your sub-consious. You have to start thinking slightly different so you are not always thinking negative and becoming anxious, the specialist told me, otherwise your subconious starts to think that is normal, therefore, the anxiety level raises in the amygdala because it thinks that is the normal way to behave. You then HAVE to start diverting your mind and try and start thinking non-anxious to get back to normal levels again (which of course is SO much harder as you are then having to deal with all the horrific symtoms). Terrible but true. I never knew it could happen, if I did I would of tried to not be that way, although like you said if it is an occurrance of years of this then it may come anyway,

Anyway hope that helps.


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