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What has been the best method so far to help you overcome or reduce your agoraphobia and depression?

Hello everyone,

Pls share your feedback on what you do everyday to conquer agoraphobia and tips on conquering depression that comes as a result of not getting out much, what has been most useful, do you have any strategies or steps for overcoming this?



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HI Babygirl x I suffer from agrophobia but not depression. I have struggled for the last year on going out, only actually venturing when the need is absolute, and then with my hubby in the car. I find its been slow small steps that work best. Going out when you are in the correct frame of mind and not when you are over tired etc x Not going to far to start with, just to the garden gate and back and the next time a bit further and so on. If you take it slow it will come eventually, so they say xx Let us know how you get on xx DOnver x


Yes, having suffered from "it" for 3 horrific years, and having sought many avenues of medical and other advice, the only thing that finally put an end to agoraphobic symptoms was Zen Buddhism. Worked beautifully and I still use it to this day when I need to and I first learnt of this in 1981.

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small steps outside of the house, if the depression is the result of stopping in then you have answered your own question, you need to rejoin the human race, you have a right to enjoy the beautiful world that God made for you, you have a right to enjoy freedom, nothing will harm you, take small steps stop and enjoy, take more small steps to freedom, feel the fear and do it anyway...


Do the opposite of what I have done for 30 years as I have become worse you should become better, ie stopped going out become depressed lost a job overcome with negative thoughts comfort eating put on weight cheated on a partner hated myself became paranoid & finally grown old became diabetic & cannot see any way out now, so for your sake do the opposite & good luck


Truly acceptance is the only way. I know it's hard but when you're desperate and finally give in, things improve.


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