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I have suffered with health anxiety for a couple of years now and wondered if anybody else can relate it coming in waves? I can be ok for a couple of months with no symptoms then suddenly for no reason start to feel sick dizzy etc etc. This can go on for a couple of months daily and so the cycle continues? The strange thing is it starts when there is no obvious reason? I'm 38 and never had anything like this before.

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Hi Miami, sorry to hear about your health anxiety... what does your g.p. think about it?

I know that feeling sickly and dizziness can be symptoms of stress amongst other diagnoses, I hope you get to the bottom of it soon and get some help to get you back to your normal health. Gentle hugs, Moop x



Thanks for your reply. Gp's in my experience never really know what to say? had a blood test which was ok but that's about as far as it went unless I wanted to take anti depressants.


I've had health anxiety off and on for 20 years now and it does disappear then pop back up.

I've been free of it for years at a go and then alternatively had it over a number of years.

All stress and anxiety related in my case. The more stressed I get with circumstances such as when my father died, then I start to look for health worries - why I don't know!


I felt faint, sick, dizzy etc when I had extreme anxiety. Ask your GP to do an anxiety/depression test. This should help to indicate if it one of these.

Tablets are one answer if you are anxious. But you could try counselling and/or exercise too to help you cope. Talk to your friends. Write down how you feel. But don't worry about it alone, it's quite normal and happens even to the strongest of us.

Mine gets worse during extreme circumstances, eg bullying at work, or a close friend dying but sometimes I don't realise the trigger until afterwards. I can't see it at the time and have to work through it.


Thank you always good to get another view. Its a very hard thing to understand and control. Good luck.


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