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I have a huge fear of throwing up (emetophobia)

I have a huge fear of throwing up and it's ruining my life! I hate the thought of throwing up, seeing people throw up And to throw up. I feel like I have lost my friends because I'm scared to leave my house because I'm scared to catch the stomach flu, I'm scared to go to restaurants because I'm scared to get food poisoning, there is so many things I'm missing out on, I never want to get pregnant even thought I'm only 15 I mean when I'm older, I never want to drink because I'm scared to get drunk and throw up, and I don't talk to many of my friends anymore. I also dont want to get a job because i never feel good and im scared because if i go to work im stuck there and i cant leave.I feel like killing myself because I feel so alone, I know there are alot of people with this fear but I don't know anyone, my mom sorta has it but when I try telling her about it and how I want help, she tells me I don't need help and that I have to talk to myself and tell myself ill be ok, but it never works! I start to cry when I worry about it and my mom tells me to stop cause I'm acting childish. I just can't help it! I just had undercooked meatballs for supper tonight and I've been freaking out for the past 3 hours. I just don't know what to do anymore. I also always feel like I have to bring a bottle of water around with me, I don't know why but it calms me. I'm just trying to see if anyone knows a way to get over this fear. I've had it since I was about 4 because I got the Norowalk virus for a week, and then when I was 11 I got the 24 hours flu and that's when the fear got really bad. Please help!

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Hi jenna, my daughter had this too you're not alone lots of ppl suffer with it, I'd go to the doctors and say you need some help as its affecting your life, or is there any counsellors at school you can talk to, they might be able to help or advise you what to do :)

You're not being childish , adults get this too and need help xx

Mimii :) xx


Hi Jenna,my granddaughter suffers with this.

She had counselling to help her.She still is fearfull of throwing up,but she can go out to eat now,which she couldn't do a few years ago.

She too takes water with her everywhere,it's taken a while but she is much better now.

Your doctor can refer you for counselling.

Hope this helps xxx


Hi Jenna,

I don't suffer with this but my councillor told me a about a girl who did.

People deal with their anxiety in different ways so what works for your mum may not work for you.

Are you able to see your GP?


Hi Jenna I suffer with the same I get sickness with my anxiety I don't go places I case I am physically sick it frightened me I have just started going out for meals with my family that I couldn't do for years because I thought if I'm there I will be sick it does get better take care xxx


Hi Jenna, does your mom have this phobia too?


I have this phobia too, but not to the extent where it stops me from carrying on as normal, I just tend to panic about norovirus, I dread the thought of being trapped with a person who might throw up, like it I was in a lift & someone said that they felt ill. I sanitise my groceries when I get home from shopping by wiping all packages with hydrogen peroxide, in case the person who stacked the shelves had a stomach bug. I hate the way that people don`t care about others when theyr`e ill, they just carry on as normal, going to work & spreading the illness to everyone they come into contact with.


Ok my name is Alexis I'm using my dad's account

and I have the same problem in ten and I always get a stomach ache about worrying to get sick and I'm scared too but you need to go to a doctor and tell him vice versa that you feel this way and I want you to feel better too.


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