I have a huge question

I suffer from health anxiety and ocd and I got a thought in my head that's scaring me and freaking me out. Is cold sores considered to be herpes simplex 1? Bc I got my std test back and all the test came back negative expect one, my doc said I have strains of herpes simplex 1. He said 80% of ppl have this disease and he said I shouldn't worry about it but I am. And I looked at my health records and for testing for herpes simplex 1 it says (HS1> cold sores) what does that mean? Idk what to do. Is it bad? If it was bad would my idc prescribe me with meds for the disease? Bc he didn't.


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  • Not at all Hun we all get cold sores from time to time. Mostly because you are run down. Nothing bad can come from having them. Just annoying

  • Herpes simplex is the medical term for cold sores on the mouth. Nothing to worry about, everyone gets a cold sore at some point.

  • Herpes simplex 1 it s cold sore.it will be always in your system for the rest of your life. But you won't notice it or feel it.it will show up just as cold sore when ure rundown,have flu or you re stessed.Lots of people got it and it s not dangerous.

  • Herpes type 2 it s in the genitalia,transmitted through sex and it s considered more dangerous.But this is not your case

  • Get some Blistex for your medicine cabinet and forget about it. If a cold sore appears then you are prepared. Glad everything else came back clear. -worrymagic

  • With all of advices. In additional, avoid hot, spice, sour and fried foods to get rid of the cold sore faster. Blistex or Advera can be treat for cold sores. Otherwise not to worry about it so much.

  • zovorax is a better cream for cold sores,

    You generally get them when when you get run down , I tend to take extra vitamins like b+ d ,to boost my immune system .

  • i used to get cold sores all the time but once i left school and went to high school they cleared up so i can say stop worrying stress is every thing and some times your worse enermy is your self or bullies if your me

  • Hi don't worry cold sores I get them so a lot of the time is when you are run down .they will go I know it's easy to tell you not to worry.and we all get anxious and it makes you think about it more..

  • Thank you guys so much for replying. I was in horrible stress last night, I've done research and research for reassurance and it help for a while but u guys made me feel so much better. Thank u so much.

  • Don't worry, its the posh name for cold sores and as people here and your doc said, a lot of us, including me get them from time to time. All these long and complicated names can be frightening.

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