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Counselling Next Week!

It's finally starting to happen, next Thursday afternoon I got my first counselling session but I am nervous about it. I've been waiting months for this and now it's round the corner. I am wondering what will happen? Do I need to write things down?! I really hope it helps me out but my god I am scared to death about it!

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Hi Cardiff girl.

I had counselling and I think the best thing is to go with an open mind and just say what comes into your head.

I found my counsellor sort of lead me down the right route.

It will be okay, let us know how you get on.

Gardener x


Hello Gardener, thanks for the post. I will go in with an open mind and see if he or she can help me out


I think it's natural to be nervous because you are letting a stranger into your personal life. When I went the first time I too did not know what to expect and the unknown is scary. Try to go into it with an open mind and let it flow naturally.

I started going to group sessions too and that has helped me in finding live support similar to this site.

Good luck and try to enjoy the experience.


I have had counselling also you just need to go and speak to them and they'll ask you how your feeling whats been happening and so on but you need to be open nd honest with them so they are able to help you with what is troubling you. It is entirely up to you when you go they may ask you to write a diary of how you are feeling and what times of the day it affects you most, and what seems to trigger. There is nothing to be scared of they are there to help and listen to you and just see how the first session goes and let us know how you get on.




Oh we wait s long & then when it finally comes round we do feel scared , its the unknown I think that does it !

Remember this is going to benefit you , its a good thing :-)

I am sure they will make you feel at ease & usually they will ask you all the questions

Good Luck

Let us know how it goes :-)





Thanks for all your posts :) I read they might ask me to keep a diary, if only I kept my old personal diaries from the last few years would have a good read! I am looking forward to it now and hope they can help me


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