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Had a day yesterday...but today the boyfriend has gone on and on and on !!! OMG it so annoying! We dont live together we see each other at weekends as other wise I feel it to much always being together... sometimes very rarely I go out on a sat with friends witch he then moans about as it is r time which I totally get but now and then im still going to go out with friends! I mean I must go out maybe once every 4 or so months !!! He wants to spend more time together in the werk but by the time he gets home from work and gets to me its like 6 o'clock already thats wen im sorting kids out baths and getting ready for bed ect ! I just cant be doing with the drama !

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Hi Stacey,

Men in general can be rather selfish & annoying at times. I believe the main reason for this is because they biologically don't have the same maternal instincts as us mother's & therefore don't understand what we put ourselves through on a daily basis.

My other half is very similar to what you are describing as he works a full time 12hr shift 4 days out of the week & the days he has off he likes to spend as much time as he can with me & our 2 kids, the only problem is that's sometimes not possible & he gets a Lil upset about it.

As you do have children together these things just usually have a way of working themselves out, as I do sometimes you could maybe invite your friends around to your house with a few drinks & snacks bought then at least your boyfriend might not feel so left out.



Hiya thanks gor the reply...we dont have kids together...its just so annoying as everything is made Into a massive thing! Just gets boring after a while I feel bad ad I end up being really blunt about things!!!x


Oh-sorry I probably misread your text then.




Oh its a tricky one this is !

Do you think your OH is wanting more now from this relationship ?

I have a friend that see's her OH on weekends & she is female & sometimes if he has to go any where she isn't very happy as she feels she doesn't see him enough & he should keep the weekends for her , mind you she is going to marry him in a year or so , so that will solve that one !

Maybe sit him down & both have a chat & be honest with each other what you can cope with & him where he wants this to go on the future as arguing just makes are anxiety worse !

Sorry my reply might not have been much help , but wanted to let you know I had read your post :-)





Hey! You sound just like me. I hate that my friend insists on coming round just when I'm ready to get the evening meal ready. He too works long hours and would like to spend more time with me, but I have my own life and don't like my routine interrupted.

The important thing now is for you to decide how much you want him in your life. He must realise that you need to take care of your health and your family. Talk to him. Find some middle ground if you can.

I know life is about compromise, but friends are important too. Who helps us pick up the pieces when we're down? If you can combine a night out with OH and friends then do so. I think it's important for our friends and OHs to get on well. I love a night in with friends, a few drinks and my bf would be welcome too.

Try to enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Xxx


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