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Another Consultant to see

I think my life is full of appointments to see everyone at our Hospital.

On Thursday I was in agony where my gallbladder used to be and I called for a Doctor to come out. The Doctor phoned me and told me to call an ambulance and I said "no" so she said she would phone back in 2 hours, which she did. I had taken more morphine and paracetamol and told her that the pain was easing. She gave me an emergency appointment for Friday morning and a Doctor had a look at me and said it was my adhesions, which I knew it was. I asked him about the problem with my bladder and not being able to empty my bladder. He looked at my notes and said you had an operation in 2005 and 2006 for the same thing and you went privately so go home and make another private appointment and you will be seen quicker. I came home and phoned our Private Health Company (my Husband gets it free from his Company and included me and they did not ask me one medical question or they would not have accepted me with all my medical problems). I have now been given the okay to see a Private Consultant about my bladder thank goodness. I have to go to The Eye Clinic this month, my Pain Consultant, my Mental Health Consultant and now one for my bladder.

Since my Pain Consultant changed my morphine tablets to another one and taking 50mg Seroxat my mood has not been that bad, it is just the anxiety that bothers me. I did drive to Currys yesterday and took some Bluetooth headphones back and replaced them for a new printer as my other printer is not compatable with my new Windows 8 laptop. I have been up since 4.30am and my Husband has surfaced at 7.00am. Have a good Sunday everyone and take care. Sundayschild10

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Morning Sundayschild.

Wow you have a lot going on in your life. But you seem to have everything under control, well done you I say.

I see by your post you have been up since 4;30am I hope you have a relaxing pain free day today and can catch up on your sleep as well.

Sending you positives vibes for a good week.

gardener xx


Morning Sundayschild

I think its a stressful time when our health is not good, and having to see various healthcare professionals!!

I hope you get things sorted soon and you have some peace!!

Love ker x



You must be so strong even though you may not feel like it dealing with your health problems as well as your anxiety

I hope everything gets sorted out for you soon

Thinking about you & let us know how you get on





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