Just want to have a moan

Went to the GPs Monday felt great. She said I was losing muscle tone in my legs because I was unfit. Ok with that. I asked her if it was ALS she said no, still ok. Tuesday freaked out phoned an online doctor who said he didn't think it was ALS but perhaps I needed more tests (typical American). Felt slightly better. Also eldest son has moved back home, his 3 children are coming over the weekend and one is having a party, guess whose doing it. I babysit for my daughter and I don't think she has ever said thank you yet. Every time my youngest son phones up he wants to borrow money. My hubby is a miserable idle git with no sense of humour, do you get the picture. I work part time on a mental health unit, I am madder than them, babysit, banker housewife, party organiser. Not bad for a 62 year old woman. No wonder my legs ache. Sorry for the moaning. It is now 0330 hrs after 2 glasses of whiskey going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone.



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  • o Holly

    I hope you got some sleep , with every thing you mentioned you need some

    I dont no if its part of anxiety , but I have found I can be taken advantage of , which is what your post sounds like & even my own can leave me feeling that way , which doesnt help my confidence & anxiety

    Maybe its time you said "no " if you are like me you may not find that easy , but even when its are children (grown up at that ) they still need reminding at times , well i have found mine do & they dont take advantage , I wont let them , I love them & will do what I can for them , but in return I ask for respect & not to be walked all over , which costs nothing , but I have had to let them no :o

    You moan away , hope it helped getting it all out

    I hope you feel a bit better today & yes from what you do , no wonder your legs ache :O

    Thinking about you




  • Thanks my counsellor says the same as you, I find it difficult to say no

  • Me to Holly , it doesnt come natural & when I do I can feel bad , but I do it now , still feels alien , but the more I do the easier it gets , hope you can give it a go , because it would help you & if you try you no you can come on here & say how you are feeling & we understand


  • your brave working as a mental health nurse. I have worked with abused children but had to give it up due to stress.

    I have one son who is 16 he lives with me part time but I dont see him enough.Its true when they have their own lives the lonliness stinks

    I work part time as a passenger assistant escorting special need children to school

  • Hi Holly

    I have 4 children the youngest lives with me and is no trouble except she wants waiting on hand and foot. One of my son's comes back and forth which i have accepted. The two eldest are very well focused in their marriage and with their children.

    I have always done everything for my children and when speaking with the counsellor she said its time to say NO and think about myself something i never do. Anything my children or their children have wanted i have tried to give.

    My eldest son is always moaning at me to start to think before i take on tasks that in turn affect my well being meaning helping others. But they all have respect i demand that and in return they show respect.

    Then i tell myself if i cannot help me how can i help anyone else but i do find the strength from somewhere. (madness)

    As a mother i am guilty of spoiling my children but have recently started saying its my time and i want to have some quality of life before its too late. :).

    Never been selfish but was advised by the counsellor to start saying No difficult but i am slowly learning.

    Hope you have a better day today

    Big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Dear knowles must admit find my home life more stressful than my job which I have do e for 18 years

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