Been to GP

Afternoon everybody hope we are all coping,been toGP absolute waste of time still got pain in right side just wanted to give me pain killers I said no I want to know what it is, Ai said I want ultra sound or jelly on the belly she said well you have not got pain n your belly Ha Ha so come back tomorrow and see the doctor who sent you for uine test and bloods which are clear I know that.Waste of her time and mine just give up.

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  • Trouble is some GPs fob u off. Can u get a second opinion. I am the type that needs a diagnosis, I expect u r the same. Take care

  • Yes tats what I am doing tomorrow Thanks.

  • What I do if I am nervous I write everything down and hand the doc the paper

  • O dear

    Sorry things didnt go so well

    Sometimes one doctor wont send you , yet another will , I have had that before , so worth seeing the other one as they sent you for the tests in the first place

    Try not to worry though , even though I no its bothering you , if it was serious they would have you in straight away , as it would be more than their jobs were worth (says me ;) )

    let us no how you go on




  • like you i had docs yesterday, numbness on left side of face still there, mmore tabs to take and a nasal wassh to try, feel like you are not believed, keep on top of gp and i hpoe you get answers x

  • Thanks and hope your meds work(((Hugs)))

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