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I think I have G.A.D and I can control it a little by just trying to limit a lot of thoughts running and going on and getting hot at the same time after 1 or 2 hours of slowing down my paste and getting ahold of myself I am good or as long as I work ,but once its time to lay down all thoughts rush to me and anxiety comes sweating -restlessness and cant fall aleep what do I need to do cause I hate meds?

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And first of all welcome to the site. Are you getting any support for your anxiety?

I am on a mindfulness course at the moment and am finding that really helpful it's telling me not to run away from my anxiety but to know it's there and except it for what it is, just thoughts running though my head. It's what I do with these thoughts that matters. It does and will past.

I have now also got into a routine at bed time of reading for say half an hour, then writing my journal with a cup of herbal tea this seems to calm my mind down as well. I try to do some breathing exercise when I lie down and put my thoughts into my breathing. This can help me drift off as well.

I won't say it is easy and some times I struggle with it.

Hope this helps am sure others have some other ways to help you as well. Keep posting on here as it does help.

Gardener x


Hi igotacure, welcome to the site. I'm sorry you're feeling like this, keep posting there is always someone here who understands:) have you thought about writing everything down? I find writing things sort of gets it out of my head, there are breathing techniques you could use even just counting you're breath can help relax the mind. Also have you been to you're gp? I know you say you hate meds but there are other options, talking therapies and such. I know it's prob not much help but wanted to welcome you and let you know I read you're post:)

Love & light

Eva x


Hi and welcome to group, you'll find some great advice and tips on here :) xx



Sometimes it takes just a few answers on a post to get some great advise & I can see you have already been given that :-)

Just wanted to say Welcome & keep talking on here it really does help :-)





Welcome to the group.Its a good place to be for support and advice x


Hi welcome , I too have founf the mindfulness course helped a great deal we were given a cd which really helps at night you can get this undet control x


Welcome.We hear lots on here in mindfulness and it works for sure.

I am certain the non newbies on here are sick of me saying this but go on amazon and get "the time us now" it's by "eckhart roll". X


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