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Hello everyone,


I have suffered from anxiety for a very long time. At which I have been on medicine for- no one can realize what anxiety attacks mean but those who have them thats for sure. For the past 6 months I have had unbelievable stomach issues. Is this yet another sign of anxiety? Has anyone else experienced this I am two medications that help but are not making it go away. Thats always my prayer for anxiety its make it go away. Any other familar stories like this?

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HI Tender x I never truly knew what a person with anxiety and p.a went through till it started happening to me x Its the worst possible feeling I've ever experienced that's for sure x Yes the stomach problems can be due to anxiety, there are a few I know who have i.b.s brought on by anxiety. Also when your body prepares for flight/fight, it can affect your system as the brain tells it to empty ready to run and of you are anxious often the result will be constant stomach ache x I also know it can work the other way and you suffer with constipation and so on. I don't take meds as a personal choice but maybe you could check with your gp that they are suitable as others could make a difference. I pray every day my anxiety goes, the day I wake and Im normal is the on I long for x One day it will happen for us all x Donver x



So many of us suffer with stomach problems due to anxiety it does seem a common problem

I was also taking meds but after a few years on them I didn't think they were helping so now I take a teaspoon of Manuka 10+ honey three times a day , watch what I eat as spicy foods etc make mine worse & try & eat slowly & chew well as when we have anxiety we can tend to gulp our food down causing a lot of acid

The more we worry about it affects are stomachs I know thats easier said than done not to & I know the pains I can get makes it hard to forget about it , but as your anxiety settles you stomach problems seem to settle with it to :-)

Keep talking on here , other members will relate to this & you will get lots of good advice






I et stomach issues with my anxiety. I have found peppermint tea is great for me and calms my stomach down loads.

I would love my anxiety to leave me as quickly as it came into my life. I am on a mindfulness course at the moment so am hoping this will help me as well.

Keeping posting on here as I find some times just reading others posts can help to calm the mind.

Gardener x


Thanks for all that responded. It seems I can't eat without my stomach hurting. I am on meds for anxiety which I want to be off of and I tend to deny I have these panic attacks and anxiety disorders but I know I have it and I may not be able to be off of medicines. It's just somedays I am so tired, I get so tired. I stay grateful no doubt but it feels so alone and then in turn I tend to get depressed. Do these disorders go hand in hand....anxiety/depression/panic attacks. I am allergic to regular antidepressants (causes tachacardyia) I just want to be normal. I appreciate those who answered. Hugs to all.


Hi tndrheart yes your right no one understands unless you suffer with it with my anxiety I suffer a lot with my stomach quite bad I get physically sick with it so it properly is anxiety what you've got it will pass and you will feel better take care xxx


Thank you- patience and keeping on should have been somehow in my name. I appreciate the support I've found here. It's a blessing.


Hello tndrheart

I agree with others here in that your tummy pains are probably down to your anxiety, it comes out in ways you wouldn't think really, and takes us by surprise quite often.

It really is something that people just won't understand unless they have suffered, that's what I find great about this forum, there's always someone that you can get advice from and it really does help.

I know that IBS is certainly very painful, I have suffered with it and I also have diverticulitis, I have tachycardia from AF and heart flutter too, and have been in and out of hospital.

I do take medication for A&D and it seems to suit me so I'm reasonably well at present, so much better than I have been in the past, maybe ask your GP if there is any other meds you could try and see if they help better. I know that meds can take a while to work so it maybe something you're not happy to do but whatever you decide I wish you all the best. Have a good week. X


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