I suffer from anxiety ive manage to overcome it once but my advice to everyone is just go into a quiet place and just close your eyes and breath in and out focus on tour breathing and youll control it and youll feel more relaxed. Now before i would lay down and stay in my bed all day wanting to give up on life but thats not the way i found out that if i stayed their my body would just become so weak. Anxiety is im everyone some have it worst than others. I also realize that if you become more positive stop thinking of death and all those negative thoughts and just think of what will gou accomplish in this life and maybe become more religious because te belief in God or anything can help you feel safer.


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  • I absolutely agree with you.. Yes it's easier said than done but it's either we live trying to be positive or just be negative and sad's normal to have ups n downs too but at least we should try to be positive and see an end to this. And faith has helped me keep sane too... It what keeps me going !

  • i found this website and decided to share my experience even though im still going through it

  • I'm new here too found it last night in a moment of despair and loneliness

  • Cool well it seems everyone suffers from anxiety here

  • Cool well it seems everyone suffers from anxiety here

  • thanks for sharing your experience, alex. i am sure this would help most people . just stop and count your breath. attending to life within you, appreciating your aliveness by paying

    attention to it. that's great! and , we are not alone , ever. this is not a positive attitude . this is a reality check. life is amazing and this is reality.

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