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Bladder issues

Hi everyone this is a bit of an appeal just to hear from anyone who does what I do even when they are doing well with their lives.

And in doing well I acknowledge that I've got a lot of excitable, manic energy. But with needing to wee a lot and after breaking my bucket mid wee (so gross) I am really excited to have ordered a bedpan (which spellchecker tries to change to bedlam) this is a liberating habit that keeps me in the bubble of my room that I don't want to surrender.

Whilst a lot of what I experience has stuff on google, the only things I can find on bedpans, commodes and so on refers to bedridden paients. This isn't me. I just prefer not to have to fully wake up, interrupt work or clothe myself several times an hour.

I've heard from people who have done something like ths when they feel bad which was a huge help But I have less excuses now. If anyone had anything to add or has read anything about the use of such tools in connection with anxiety I would really like to hear it.

love and luck to you all


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I remember your post & think you were ordering a commode ?

I am not an expert on this & cant give advise

But reading what you are saying it sounds like you have formed a habit maybe that I was wondering if you had spoken to your GP as maybe some counselling could help

Also just to check you don't have any kind of infection that is making you need the toilet so often

There could even me medication that can help , it would be worth discussing this with your GP as even though I know our anxiety can affect us in different ways I am just thinking long term as I think you said you had a BF & as I think you said at the moment you manage to keep this away from him but in the future if your relationship was to get to the next stage of living together it would be more difficult then

Also have you tried to help at night stopping your intake of fluids maybe none after 6 at night to see if it helps

I am sorry this is not the answer to your question & hopefully someone may have one , I just thought these might be some other ideas you could try





Thanks whywhy I do appreciate your answer. I am trying to find a way not to pathologies this aside from anxiety but... oh god. I've started with a new therapist. To bring this up... it would be hard. My boyfriend has an ensuite. And when he's at mine I do use the toilet. I always know where toilets are when I'm out. I freelance so work in my room a lot. Is a bedpan crazy?

Reply I love tea and I get thirsty so not drinking is tricky. Even a sip puts me on the loo 30 mins or so later (I don't time it.)


I dont think a bed pan is crazy but if a sip of tea is sending you to the toilet 30 minutes later then I do think it would be a good idea to see the GP

Also if you are so thirsty have you ever been tested for diabetes ?

If not that could be worth checking out

You say you feel it would be to hard to mention this to your new therapist but remember that is what they are there for & for them to help you been honest with everything that is happening is the best way forward & I am sure they have heard this all before

Give it some thought :-)



ahh you are very lovely for replying. I've been enjoying Will on the voice by the way. Yeah, re diabities I've been checked most years for it for as long as I can remember. I'm sure it is habit forming and am ultra aware of my bladder or something. I just wish I could find something official written about it. hope all is ok with you x


Hi read ur post and just wanted to offer u my experience with stress incontinence, frequency and urgency. It started about 17 yrs ago after childbirth. I thought thete was nothing they would do about it do I never went to Dr.

However by 2011 it was getting out of control and I eventually pushed myself to see my dr. I actually thought that he might send me for some pelvic floor surgery!

I was referred to a physiotherapy continence advisor who tried various things to see if I could improve my pelvic floor and bladder muscles.

She thru a process of elimination and test discovered that my bladder was simply too sensitive

She recommended oxybutamin 5mg twice a day and I've never once had a problem since. I can even go all day without needing a wee. No more night time wees

It was just as if it had never been a problem at all. I wish I'd seen about it years ago.

I don't know if u know why u have the problem. .but maybe u could ask ur dr to be assessed.

Take care. Xx


I am going ask my gp. This is amazing. Thanks so much BL61 I really am grateful. I'm glad you manage to sort yours xxx


I have the same problem as above. I take tolteridine; it improves it but doesn't make it better. I have botox injections once a year in my bladder but for that you have to have general anaesthetic and be referred to a urologist and go through a number of tests first. I will ask GP about this drug oxybutymin as I think it may help me.

I wonder how common it is with anxiety to have oversensitive bladder? I thought it was part of my fibromyalgia but who knows? Sometimes I think these things may be related, eg the medication we take for our other conditions (depression, insomnia, anxiety) may in the longterm cause these sort of side effects but who knows?


My daughter who has ms also gets Botox injections but she does not get a general anaesthetic,She said it is very painful.


Unfortunately tea and any other caffeinated beverages might make this worse. If you have an overactive bladder your GP will likely advise you to cut caffeine out completely and see how you fare. It's quite a common problem though so I would definitely visit them for advice regardless! Good luck :)


Hi I have suffered from an over active bladder for more than 30years I have had all sorts of investigations, and tried tablets, what worked for me was cutting down on caffeine and only drinking decaff after 3 pm


Thanks so much everyone, I'm so glad I posted. I will follow up on this. I know it isn't just when I drink tea, but I certainly can't give it up. I usually stop mid afternoon as well. I think googling the medication you all kindly recommended may bring up some literature. I will certainly be going back to the Dr. this site is very special to me and I am always touched by people taking the time to reply x


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