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Hello all!

I haven't posted in a few days...something rotten happened on Tuesday, but I won't go into it, because after crying a lot, picking myself up, and realising I'm the better person out of myself and the person who made me feel that way, I'm ready to move on and let it go. No point dwelling on negativity :) I wish I could always pick myself up this quickly after bad news...but maybe my ability to do so this time is a good omen for the future!

I finished my exams the other day. I feel like they went well and I did my best, so hopefully my results will reflect that. Last night my coursemates decided to have one last night out before we start our clinical placements on Monday. I'm not a huge fan of clubbing...I prefer going to the pub/bar with my friends where you can actually hear each other speak and you don't get completely smashed. But I thought I'd go along as I wanted to socialise with my coursemates. It was nice to spend time with them, but sure enough I have woken up feeling bad today. Not hungover...just low. Obviously everyone's mood plummets after drinking to excess, as alcohol is, obviously, a depressant. But I just can't handle the mood! Almost puts me off drinking!

Does anyone else feel so incredibly after low after drinking to excess that it has put them off drinking/almost has?

I can't wait for the day when my peers start to see that there's more to life than drunken socialising! I love going out for meals, to the cinema...but at uni, only the rare person is willing to spend their money on that lol.

ANYWAY, I've done what I always do and ranted for longer than I planned too! My main point is that the day after nights out is when I need to make a conscientious effort to be positive! So here is a list of things that are making me happy today :)

1. The Voice is on tonight! I love Saturday night TV.

2. I start my placement on Monday and I am working in a mental health inpatient unit. Really excited as it's the area I want to work in as mental health is an area I am passionate about.

3. I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in ages yesterday. Going to text him later because it really is silly that we went so long without meeting up!

4. Going to watch 8 Out Of 10 Cats for the rest of the morning to make me laugh!

5. Need to catch up on last night's Big Brother. I know it's terrible but reality TV really chills me out!

What's everyone else doing today that's making them happy?

Love, darkparadise xx

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Sorry something has upset you this week but well done you seem to have picked yourself up from it which can be a difficult thing to do !

I am pleased to read you feel your exams went well :-)

I think the environment you are in & the age you are drinking to access seems to be something that comes with the territory & you are very sensible to be able to see what affect it has on people & yes it is a depressant & not everyone realizes that

My son doesn't like drinking to much he will have a couple & then he will stop , he has even been known to be in a night club & ask for water , I am really pleased he has this attitude & what is even better he doesn't feel he has to join in with what everyone else is doing & when he has had enough he will even say I am going now & come home !

He is not a miserable lad or anything he just knows what he wants , what is right for him & feels comfortable in saying so & his friends still seem to like him just as much :-)

Next time maybe either go & leave when you have had enough or if its not for you say no I don't feel like it !

Oh you must hurry & catch up with BB or I always find someone tells me with these kind of programs who got voted of before I have caught up & then I think that has spoilt it no point me watching it now :-D

And of course who couldn't be happy on a Saturday night with the Voice been on :-D

I shall have a front seat as well as taping it so I can watch it several times during the week

Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend :-)





Thank you :)

Even in first year I found I couldn't keep up with my peers lol...they would go out 3 or 4 nights a week whereas I'd be wiped out after one night! What I've realised is that I just need my sleep. I've always had a good sleep routine in which I'm always in bed before midnight and always awake by about 9am, and it's just something that brings me stability and makes me feel refreshed and at my best! Some of my friends stay awake until 4 in the morning even when they're not going baffles me how they manage :P

Your son sounds like he has the right's so good to realise that you don't need to please anyone but yourself because that's when you start having the best time possible :)

What I think I should have done yesterday is go to the houseparty (where the night began) and then walked home afterwards instead of heading into town to a club.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too! Countdown to The Voice begins lol :D

darkparadise xx


Hi. darkparadise... I find that when I'm in (recovery mode) over doing social interactions tires me out... We are using a lot of our energy just getting by day to day.. And we ration that energy carefully.. So when I'm asked to join my friends to watch football or go over for a visit I have to let my pals know I`ll be Mr. low energy for a while. I don't drink at all anymore. But I don't think drinking is a bad thing.. just watch your intake amounts..And yes Booze is a downer.. No doubt there. But i see your mood has improved somewhat from your last posts... I hope you continue to feel (happier) day by day ..I`m sure you will as the dark cloud lifts ..Be careful not to over do it... keep in kind everyday.. that your still on the mend ... xo steve


I agree, less is definitely more when it comes to social interactions! Better to put a large sum of positive energy into something with a shorter time frame than to overdo it and try to distribute all your energy across a never ending cycle of plans!

I feel that my mood is on the way up and I am glad someone has observed that from my posts :) It's definitely true that it's a process that must not be rushed or forced...I have the hope and confidence that I will reach a maintained level of positivity someday. All of the upsetting things that have happened this month, I now view as 'closing chapters'. Now I can hopefully finally have the fresh start for 2014 that I was hoping for.

Thank you...always lovely to read your postings as they always help me to gain perspective and think about things in a positive way :) Have a lovely Saturday evening xx


Hi DarkParadise,

It's so good to hear from a young person who knows exactly what she wants.

I cant drink much, and never have, and the pub/club scene wasn't for me, except in the 60's when you could go in a club, pay the entrance fee, and see Lulu, or any stars, and dance the night away.

I often feel like you the day after, and am known to leave the pub, after a few hours, and need my sleep.

Congratulations on finishing your exams, staying positive and getting a placement in something you have worked hard to do.

Eunice xx


Thank you :)

Those 60s nights sound great! I find clubs are all really samey these days, especially in student culture!

My favourite drinking occasions are ones in which I go to the pub with friends, have a chat, and then get home at a reasonable time :) I do love my sleep! Today I went out for lunch with a friend...went for a walk and then had a roast followed by a slice of banoffee pie! I love afternoons like that.

Thank you for the praise regarding exams, positivity and my placement :) Very excited to start placement tomorrow...getting an early night so I can wake up refreshed and start as I mean to go on!

Hope you've had a great weekend and have a lovely week!

darkparadise xx


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