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Link to relaxation techniques


My mental health nurse gave me this link to help learn relaxation techniques. I found them extremely useful ( glasgowspcmh.org.uk/downloa... )

Does anybody else know of any others?

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Hi, meditation matters is a good site, it often advertises on 'Face Book', I have bought Mindfullness C.D.'s from Amazon, and relaxation c.d's from them. xx


Thanks ecinue,

Do you find it helpful?


Hi, yes I find any type of relaxation helpful, my yoga and c.d.'s have kept me 'sane', my family disagree with that statement. lol. I love the meditation part of yoga as the postures are hard, I suffer, not badly, with arthritis. I especially like the meditations. that take you on a journey, they are from meditainment. My yoga teacher also makes c.d's and is in the process of making a 'yoga nidra' c.d. which is defined as physic sleep, or a meditation that takes you through a relaxation of the body. If you want to private message me, with your address, I will copy one of my C.D.'s to see if they help you.

Eunice xx

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Awww that would be excellent. Thank you.

I've been also doing relaxation with images and thoughts. Using all five sensors. I take myself to a place in my mind where I know I'm at my most relaxed.

I'm trying to teach myself to to this using a trigger. So I can relax instantly when im feeling anxious or stressed.


Thanks for this, I'm going to have a look and listen when I'm at home later, hoping these might be helpful. Thanks again!


Hey ccrr,

Because of my health anxiety I don't do meds that well. So I was offered this self help.

At first I didn't think it would work, but I now I wouldn't be without them.

It took me around 6 weeks doing deep relaxation everyday sometimes twice a day to really have an effect.

I was told to treat this as you would like going to the gym. But instead of building up your muscles your increasing you body to be more stress resistant.

I think it definitely worked for me. Good luck :-)


Thanks for the link. Very helping



Hope you find it useful :-)


I downloaded an app on my phone called Headspace. I find it's good to stop my brain going in to overload before bed.


Thanks. I've just downloaded it. I will check it out later :-)


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