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On a journey to getting well

I fought against the anxiety and panic for so long; I wouldn't recognise that I was ill; I felt frustrated and out of control, all the advice I was given couldn't help because I couldn't hear it for the internal conflict inside my own head.

I've been taking Citalopram now for nearly a month, and I don't know if it's the medication or my own body gradually healing itself, but I do feel so much better. All the frustration is still there, the causes of the anxiety still exist, but somehow I can manage it. This definitely feels like a journey - hopefully a journey to recovery, but now I am looking at each of the stations along the way, rather than waiting for the final destination. Some of these stops have been very unpleasant, but more and more they are getting nicer. Sorry if this sounds cryptic; I am trying to teach myself to avoid dwelling on the causes of my depression, and to move forward. That's the hard part, and today I am achieving this and I wanted to share my positivity with others.

I hope you are all doing well, remember the sun may not be shining on you today, but it's there behind the clouds, waiting for the right conditions to come out and shine down and brighten up your day.

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Hi there:)

What a lovely positive post, it's good to know that you are getting there. I think once you know how to deal with how your feeling the easier it is to understand.

Good work Hun and good luck :) xx


Hi Whitebear.

It's good to see your being more positive, the medication is starting to work properly and now you can start to look at what are the causes of your anxiety. We all understand how hard it is but we are all here no matter what and will give you all the support we can.

Keep going Kenny



I agree a lovely positive post & it is always good for members to read them as if they think they have no hope it is posts like this that proves there is a way forward :-)

Hope it long continues :-)

Take Care





Hi there,I like the way that even though you are struggling you have put this post over in a very positive way,especially enjoyed the last paragraph,very uplifting and made me smile,well done to you and keep going,I'm more than sure that your journey will end up positively x


What a lovely post xx


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