Goodmorning or good day because I never know what time it is there!!! We are coming out of a deep freeze an let me tell you it made me a nervous wreck an I have no clue why. I'm so tired if feeling anxious thinking to myself another year of this crap I sometimes think of running away but Mr Anxious would be right with me plus it's to cold. I hope everyone is doing ok xxx


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  • Hi mimii

    It is nearly 2 o, clock in the afternoon here but what ever time it is , its always lovely to see you posting & the pictures that you put on :-)

    Oh of course you will have been having the terrible weather what I have been seeing on the News , it would have made me feel anxious to , I am hoping it doesn't reach as far as here !

    I understand anxiety does make you feel you could run away , but it would only follow us where ever we went , but slowly things will improve for all of us , little steps & lots of patience it will get better , trying to accept & not fear how we feel starts to give it less control & then less the anxiety , I know its easier said than done at times though !

    Keep warm & take care :-)




  • Ty youu why it's always nice to see your response right now I'm getting anxious over every little pain I have but trying to overcome an of course phobia of meds of course the one I do take is extremely expensive just fed up with it all. Ty for listening xx

  • mimii you are not alone

    I to get anxious over pains I feel , but I have to ask myself how long have I had them do they come & go & if it was serious they would come & stay , its like I have to reason with myself

    The meds phobia I am still working on myself to be honest that is one I struggle with to !

    Someone will always listen on here even if we don't always have the answers :-)


  • hi mimi, have just been watching the news from America, have never seen anything like it, nearly every state affected, the cold looks horrendous, hope you are safe and well, and mr anxious is not too bad, take care. xx

  • Sorry not been able to reply yes it was awful I did get anxious was worried about power going out Ours didn't but a lot of Poole lost power so they set up warming shelters. We made it through I do not want to go through anything like that again Thankyou for concern xxx

  • I think many people would feel anxious with the horrendous weather that you have been having... it's pretty scary.

    Are you able to get out at all?? That would be the worse thing for me. I like to get out everyday.

    I really hope that you are feeling a bit better.

    Hurry up spring for you. Julie xx

  • Julie no we weren't able to get out that made me very nervous then I ended up with a virus that wasn't good since I have health anxiety but made it through lol and I surely do not want to do that again. Thankyou for asking have a blessed day xxx

  • Hi Mimi.

    You have really had some cruel weather I hope things are warming up a little. We usually get the tail end of any bad weather in the US so we could be in for a cold spell over the pond.

    Take care Kenny xxx

  • Kenny I hope you don't get any of that nasty weather. It was awful I can't wait till spring. Stay warm Mimi xxx

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