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New symptom - Brain Freeze

This might sound mad but I've noticed when I am talking, I stop myself and think about what to say. I've never done this before and I am wondering why? I've also got a headache on the top of my head which isn't nice. Another worry for me to stress over. Does anyone else do this?

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When I am really anxious I can be like this

I can even be talking & stop mid sentence & havnt got a clue what I was on about & cant even remember , I do believe its anxiety , I let it happen & not pay attention to it , the more importance I let it have the more I can tend to find it happening

The pressure in your head , I have that , i sometimes have felt someone has got their hand on the top of my head pushing down , a really weird sensation , but again for me I no its anxiety

Try not to fear this & you will find it will get less , it doesnt matter if you have to pause , people dont notice , well no one ever seems to have with me :-)





Oh whywhy I do exactly that as well. It can be embarrassing but I usually make a joke of it. I didn't put it down to anxiety but am sure you are right.

Bev x


Can just see me & you in a conversation Bev :-D

I just say Oh well i have finished talking about that now , even though people look at me gone out when I do , but I have the gift to change subjects quick , which helps :-D



Would love to have a conversation with you whywhy! It would be fantastic.. :)

bev x



Yeah, this happens to me too :)

I can sometimes get a headache when I go into a room and forget why I went there or if something happens and I get a severe sense of deja-vu...no idea why...probably thinking too hard ;)



It's so strange when it happens. I end up laughing half the time at myself. The pressure on my head is like a tense headache feel and I HATE tension headaches!


I do the forgetting what I'm saying, what the subject is and not being able to think of the word I want to say. I don't have the headache thing though xxxx


I have this also,have to add just read a really good book by Paul David,his advice is the same assomeone above said,just ignore symtoms and they will go,the mre you worry about them,the more you will feel them.


Fuzzy head I call it and yes I to do all of the above and it it's apart of me at the moment don't worry about it our heads are full when we have anxiety and be mindful of that it's not your fault I I fact explain this to loved ones and friends

In fact my wife ask me a question and sometime I don't Reply due to the fact that I'm doing something and my mind is full if you see what I mean

Anxioty fills our minds full of Sh1t :-( :-) please feel ok about this


I have the same symptom too.... I have ir!!!! :( xxxxz


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