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new books

new books

hi,i brought two books this week control stress,instant confidence by paul mckenna with two cds one really relaxing,told to be comfortable,relaxand close your eyes when ready i shut my eyes but you hear everything in your mind,told tolisten to tapes daily ,to feel more relaxed in your life,since listening to cds yesterday and today ,i feel better in myself my councillor might not agree with this method but its working for me

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Hi Bonny :-)

I am pleased you have found something that seems to be working for you & that is the main thing if it is helping us it doesn't matter what anyone else says !

Thank you for posting about the books :-)

Hope they continue to help you will have to let us no :-)





Hi bonnie

thanks for the tip, might give them a try. Nice to hear they are working for you

Jules x


Hi Bonny

Thanks for sharing and I'm glad it's working for you. Councillors and therapists are good but they don't know everything and its good to find something yourself. If it keeps helping I would stick with it love eve x


They work for me also, I have Instant Calm, I can make you sleep, and I can make you happy. When they ware out as the will because I listen to them so much I'm going to buy them again.


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