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Hi people,

Shalom. Peace happiness and a respite from anxiety and depression to you all in the next 12 months to all of you who use this site. Yeah like that's going to happen. Still I shall try and adopt the positive and live in hope!

I must be honest and say this is probably my worst day of the whole year. Continual morbid sights and thoughts on the news. Re-runs of mans inhumanity to man, band wagons being jumped on and money wasted to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another, when the same cycle begins again. Wishes of happiness from smiling faces, who in the cold light of day don't even want to be seen on the same side of the street as you because you have a problem.

I don't know how some of you greeted the new year in the past, but I do have happy memories. The boats and barges on the river used to greet it by sounding their horns and hooters, the majority of the family were together and those that were elsewhere phoned and greetings were exchanged. Now tourists buy tickets to even get near the place and crash all the communication systems by sending texts and my family is all over the country and my friends are all in far away places too.

You can all class this as a rant if you like, I just wanted to get my feelings down, sad as they are, before I do what is now my new years custom and take myself to bed hopefully to wake up sometime Thursday morning.

Take care all. Have an enjoyable night and I would love to attend the virtual party but even at that I would hide in the kitchen.


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Great to read how positive you are feeling :-/

Sorry couldn't resist but I understand what you are saying

I hope that 2014 will be kind to us all :-)

Now about the virtual party I would love you to attend even if you do hide in the kitchen as I have no one yet to wash the pots :-/

Hope you might make a little appearance Will-i-am would love to see you :-)

This is my attempt to try & cheer you up , sorry if it has gone terribly wrong





Hi 1b4bed.

Feel free to rant as much as you like, you know we will all be here for you and if it makes you feel even a little better carry on. May I wish you a better year than you have just had and hope you start to feel better soon.



I expect I'll be asleep to not see in the new year :D hope it's a better one for us all :) xx


Here here :)


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