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An update of sorts I guess :-)


Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Can't believe we're nearly into 2014.

Some of you might remember that I posted about a taster session that I had before Christmas for the volunteering that I'm hoping to do. Well, I had to put it back until today but today I went, I talked to people and I loved it. I'm going back next week for one more session and then I have to fill in the application form.

Hope everyone else's day has been going alright.

Megy x

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Can I call you Megy , I love that name :-)

Yes I remember & I am so pleased you have posted & let us know how it went & even more pleased to read how much you have enjoyed it !

Good for you & well done :-)

I hope you let us no what happens after you have filled the application form in

Good Luck





Hehe, of course :-) Thank you! I will definitely post an update on here once I've filled in the application form :-)

Megy xxx


hi, That's all sounds great. I volunteer and it's one of the best things I ever did. I have met some great people.

I was a bit anxious at first, but now I just love going in.

Well done you. Go for it I say.

can't wait to hear all about it.

gardener x


Thanks for the reply. I was a bit anxious before I went and for a little bit once I was there but because its quite busy, having something to do definitely seemed to help take my mind off of it :-)


Hi Megy

Well done you for going and glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with the next session and your application

jules x


Thank you! :-)

Thanks once again to you all - reading this back tonight has cheered me up a little bit :-)

Megy xxx


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