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Hi everyone just a little update. Sorry that I only come on here when I'm worried. My son came out Friday (for those of you who know me ). He drank as soon as he came out I could tell by his voice he's had a chance to see his children today but had been drinking. He's so stupid its always nobody cares well he has to care about himself first. He really annoys me I give up. I'm glad I didn't tell him where I live. He's going to end up dead or hurt I just can't do it anymore. It makes me ill. So this time he can get lost hard as it sounds I've had enough I've helped him been to visit him gave him money. So now it's time to step back because enough is enough. Am I awful?

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HI Scooby x Nice t hear from you x Dont worry about how often and why you come on, its always nice to hear how you are getting on. Yes I can recall you saying your son was almost due to return as we shall out it, but I im sorry to hear he has begun to drink again, To give up drinking is a hard thing and I know you wanted him so much to have taken the opportunity he had to do so. I can understand that its hurtful to yourself and others the fact that he chooses to carry on the way he is but good on you for not letting him know where you moved to x I dont think you are awful at all, we try our best for our kids not matter what age they are, but there is only so much you can do before your own health suffers dramatically for it and then its time to step back x So good on you xx Donver xx



No you are not awful at all.

He is a grown man who makes his own choices and if it is his choice to drink so be it. I am sure he is well aware of what he is doing but addiction can and is a strong thing to break free of.

You now have to look after yourself and other son as you both deserve a happy life.

You supported your son when he was away and are a great mother to both your children. Please take care of yourself now and remember that your sons addiction is not yours but his.

Take care gardener x


Hi Scooby, I agree with Donver and Gardener. You are not an awful person at all. You are doing what is best for you.

Take care xxx


Thanks as a mother it's awful you feel it's your fault. And you can't do it for them I realise he has to do it himself but it's. Awful watching him suffer. X


Dear Scoobyd,

Your definitely not awful, and good for you not telling him where you live. Addiction is an awful thing but he is a grown man and he has made choices. He has chosen drink. you now need to put yourself and your other son first.



Hi scoobyd

You are not been horrible at all , you have done all you can now & I know how much this will be hurting you but until your son is ready to change there is nothing more that you can do except make sure you take care of you because the rest of your family need you :-)

I am sorry that he has chosen to continue drinking I really was hoping that maybe this would be his rock bottom after everything he had been through but doesn't look like it has been !

Please take care of you & believe me you have nothing at all to feel guilty about





Thanks he's so silly. He's lying when he doesn't answer his phone. He says he's been asleep when I know he's been drinking he txts don't make sense I can tell and people have told me he's drinking. So its up to him my other son has just moved in round the corner so we're ok I really can't do this again i just worry every day now it was so peaceful when he was in there its my birthday Friday no doubt he will spoil it. X


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