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anxiety and pain

i cant understand why anxiety causes so much pain i can handle the thoughts i can handle the shakes and tremors but this headache and stiff neck are very scary i am not a stranger to pain i have broken lots of bones in my body including two verterbre in my back never took pain relief but this anxiety is sure getting the better of me i dont eat junk food never have i take all my vits and drink herbal tea all day what am i doing wrong i really feel like i can not function anymore x

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I think maybe we tense up everything sometimes I just would like to eat junk food an caffeine haven't in years ! We will just have to keep holding on an know it's going to get better hope you have a blessed evening! But yes it does get scary an I start thinking I have really serious wrong with me.


milo my dear nothing make any sense with anxiety but like mimi said just hold on. don't give this anxiety much credit, when you have symptoms just think it is not going to hurt me, say to yourself I've been there and nothing happened and this will pass as well, don't be scared and don't panic.

it is very unpleasant feeling and it always pass, by time it will get easier.

think of it like someone wants to lose weight, they always want to lose like few kilos a week but one pound a week is enough!!! take it slowly and listen to your body.

take care of yourself



Hope your feeling better today mine is still there I cried most of the evening ! But have to keep on saying I will get through this, I pray. Your feeling better. X


HI YES IT IS STILLTHERE feeling terrible so dizzy all the timei do try and ignore it but it will not go away it is not passing once it starts it is there for the day i went out to the lane for a little walk i thought i was going to fall over REALLY FED UP NOW x


Hi Milo - lots of deep breathing. Breathe in for count of 4 and out for 7. Lots of positive affirmations too. Have you got anything you could do to try and distract you temporarily - any good movies etc. I have been up and down too last couple of weeks. It is the dizziness that gets me every time. It is so bloomin' hard to get a grip on, but it will get better. Stay strong Milo.


Hi Milo, Oh my gosh I completely understand where you are coming from. I have Rhymotoid Aruthitis (one day I with learn how to spell it) and it is so painfull, but I would rather go through that pain, then get into one of my panic attacks. Nobody understands how a aniexity attack, that may last mintues can completley mess with your whole body and mind ! x


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