I survived yes I did and sold 250 tickets to are Xmas show the show on night one was stressful but night two was fab I was the mc !

Happy Christmas to you ! all ! I've been busy so busy but feel ok I coped very well I did blip 2 weeks before the show but with your help came threw thanks guys your all wonderful x just want to say again Thankyou feeling proper proud with myself

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  • Well done you!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a lovely Christmas.

    Gardener x

  • Hi Stu

    Well done , I knew it would be a success :-)

    Now I hope you take some time of with your wonderful family & have a lovely Christmas





  • WAY TO GO!!!!!!

  • Yeah! That's fantastic

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas

    Love eve x

  • Happy Christmas to you. Really well done for getting through your busy time and mc'ing to. Have a good day tomorrow xx

  • Well done stu that's great news, hope you have a great Christmas

    Jules x

  • Well done you an Happy Xmas

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