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Explaining to someone what anxiety is like?

Yesterday my other half said that the only time i really worried him with my panic/anxiety was when we were on a plane and i had an attack, so i tried to explain to him what it was like. I really couldn't do it other than say it's a mental thing which makes me sound mad.

Was wondering how other people explained to their friends and family?

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Morning Karen.

I agree with you trying to explain what we feel when we are in the grip of an anxiety attack is very hard. I'm sure your hubby does not think you are mad but for anyone who has never suffered it must sound strange, just because they are not anxious. Feeling are just that!!!!!! and very difficult to convey to another person. You are however fortunate that hubby is understanding.

Take care Kenny-w


Hi there:)

I had this discussion with my hubby, it is hard to find the correct words to explain.

I found some leaflets online which explain to loved ones how a sufferer feels and what we go through.

I also keep a journal which I keep on my dressing table,I let my hubby read in his own time so he can take it in.

It really helps.

Hugs xx


Hello Karen,

I know exactly what you mean! I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety, strangely enough so does my two older brothers. Our dad suffered with depression and took his own life. I can talk to my oldest brother who is willing to talk things through with me. When we last spoke about it we both agreed we felt like we were dying, having a heart attack and just an overwhelming fear that took over us! I'm so lucky he totally understands me and gets the same thing! It's so frightening. My husband has always said he'll never understand it but will always listen to anything I want to talk over with him...

It seems we have all been through the same or similar experiences on this site and I find that really reassuring! I hope you have found some comfort in the subjects on the site like I have.

Regards MissTully


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